Back from a twelve-day blogging hiatus with an exciting announcement!

If you’ve perused the Illustrated Type event page within the last week, you may have noticed that the legendary artist and designer ED FELLA was added to the roster! A show celebrating hand drawn and experimental typography without one of its trailblazers just doesn’t seem right, so we’re ecstatic and honored that Ed has agreed to participate! 

Be sure to read Vince Carducci’s beautiful piece on AIGA’s website—it does more justice to Ed and his work than anything I could ever type into this blog post! And of course, visit Ed Fella’s truly compelling online portfolio.

Lorraine Wild (fellow AIGA medalist, CalArts faculty member, and graphic designer), on Ed Fella: “Ed’s work marks a sea change in graphic design. He introduced ambivalence and ambiguity, the multiple meanings of design as text and subtext, and that graphic designers are really artists.”

Images from his website


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