Eric Smith has designed for Element Skateboards, HOW Magazine, and even Myspace, but what really got my attention is his ‘Live Now’ Project

Some time ago Eric was diagnosed with cancer. He started ‘Live Now’ during his treatment, when he began to discover what cancer could gift to him—

We are a growing collection of friends, powerfully pursuing the notion of 'living now'. We're spreading our message through artwork, literature, relationships, exhibitions and more. This movement cannot be confined, is spilling out, and making history.

The 'Live Now' book (now available!) is a catalog of over 100 inspirational quotes and illustrations from collaborators all over the world. AND all pages are perforated, so get ready to clear some wall space/spread the sunshine!

I was extremely touched by Eric’s story and message, and am SO happy that he agreed to be a part of Illustrated Type. Below are his three beautiful posters, "crafted with smiles"!

Thanks so much for taking the time to send over some process photos, Eric! Can’t wait for everyone to see your posters in person!

Images from Eric's Flickr account


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