Starting January 12th we will resume our regular hours of 12pm - 8pm daily, closed on Mondays.

Los Angeles-based Mike Mitchell, who might be better known as "Sir Mitchell" to some, calls himself an artist and cat enthusiast among other things. Mike is one of those artists who makes an impression not just with his notable aesthetic but with his quick wit and sense of humor that is evident in most of his work. Mike didn't need an invitation to a Jim Henson Tribute to cue his love for Henson because he's been a fan for so long, but since our preparation for The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me he's been genuinely thrilled to take part and that sentiment has been more than mutual. We're excited to welcome Sir Mitchell and all three pieces he contributes, which have been gaining monumental recognition through his twitter and blog...and rightly so.

Oscar the Grouch takes on a new persona with his suited-up look (now we finally know what he looks like outside his trashcan home!) and the roles reverse as Kermit practices his puppeteering with mini Jim Henson. Mike has yet one more piece of Cookie Monster in a rather calm, unfamiliar state that you'll have to be at our opening reception to see alongside these sharp pieces.

To get a feel for more of Sir Mitchell's work and exhibitions browse his site and then wander over to his entertaining blog where I guarantee - what you thought has been 10 minutes passed, has actually turned into your whole day. Enjoy!


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