Here we are - the home stretch before the opening of The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me. To start the week, Jeni Yang a.k.a. "JEYA," is our featured artist who brings another wave of personality to our already diverse collection of art. With acrylic on wood she depicts a young one sporting a Kermit hood about to enjoy a slice of cake. The soft pattern overlay with the woodgrain still apparent beneath is a nice touch and if you're curious why the Kermit hood is about to eat a slice of cake, your guess is as good as ours. Whatever the reason, it's enough mystery to want more of JEYA... and cake.


Speaking of cake, get your cupcake fix at opening reception with some delicious treats by Chwa Cupcakery, our generous, local sponsor. You won't go  hungry at this show with sweets to tame your hunger and plenty of art to satisfy your visual appetite. See you there!


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