Scott C has his head in the least long enough to get a good look at the goings-on inside one, that is.  A quaint little world where distinguished chaps and lovely ladies sip tea in the company of feathered friends.  Fresh air and sunshine o' plenty.

As promised, today we reveal this exclusive look at a piece featured in Scott C's upcoming exhibition, HOME SLICE.  A cleverly conjured concept of cutaway houses allowing all of us a glimpse of the various characters inhabiting Scott C's world kicking back in the sanctity of their homes.  Scott C tells his stories with an inviting use of watercolors allowing viewers to peak into a scene of informative facts or surprises in time.

We invite you to sign up for the online preview for this event.  Those who do will not only be among the first to see the works online, but receive highly classified and top secret information such as first word of news with additional previews, prize details, and even savings on Scott C related items.  To sign up, simply send us a preview inquiry.

HOME SLICE opens Saturday, March 7 with the genial Scott C in attendance to meet and greet fans.  Read more


LOVE this! Can't wait!


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