Greetings friends!  In celebration of the upcoming exhibit...

We are giving away exclusive Scott C collectables from now through March 14.  Read more about the contest here

Today's prize is the first of six to be awarded.  Today's winner receives a Great Great Grandshow Catalog signed by Scott C himself.

The catalog serves as a time capsule for one of our most popular exhibits, the Great Great Grandshow.  The exhibit found Scott C alongside three other talented chaps depicting unknown moments from history.  This is an exciting collection of work that not only inspires, but also makes you chuckle.  Light-hearted in nature, it includes an exclusive interview with the artists as well as progress shots of the work.

Today's Winning Numbers:


If the number on your ROCKET flier matches one of the ten numbers above, call us at 626-458-7482 and leave a message.  The first person to contact us and confirm their winning number will be awarded this prize!

STAY TUNED HERE on March 1, for our next round of winning numbers as well as an exclusive reveal of another Scott C work featured in the upcoming HOME SLICE exhibit.

Prize for this Sunday, March 1:

Scott C's Popular Prints - Set of 3 prints signed by Scott C
Valued at $60!



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