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All of us here are dressing the part for Saturday's opening. We hope you will join in on the fun by wearing your best 'Alice' inspired attire. Those who dress up receive a raffle ticket to win a truly exceptional and exclusive art print by artist Michael Kutsche, one of the contributors to the upcoming film.

There are so many wonderful characters from the story so you shouldn't have any trouble finding inspiration.  Dress as the White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee or Dum and have a chance to win this one-of-a-kind item!

You can't purchase it, but you can WIN it!!!


Besides the fantastic artwork pouring in, we were all GIDDY with excitement last night as Gentle Giant Studios delivered their amazing model maquettes that were created to aid in the production of Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' film. The extreme care and attention given to each character model is astounding. This truly is a sight to behold, a huge treat for fans, and an honor for us to share with everyone. 'Curiouser & Curiouser' opens tomorrow 7-11PM. Don't miss this very important date...and remember don't be late!

Take a tumble down the rabbit hole with us this Saturday as we welcome over 40 international artists paying homage to Lewis Carroll's classic tale Alice in Wonderland.  All of us here at Nucleus have been looking forward to this exhibit for months now and we are VERY excited to share the featured work.  It is exceptional to say the least and we are honored to have so many talents contributing to this unique display including some of the artists who lent their creativity to the upcoming Tim Burton film release in theaters March 5th.

Below is a sampling of what to expect from Curiouser & Curiouser: A Tribute to 'Alice in Wonderland'

Jeremy Enecio | A Wretched Height to Be | Acrylic & Watercolor | 24" x 16"

Trey Bryan | Un-Tea Party | Oil on cradled panel | 55" x 37" x 3"

MALL | I See You, Cheshire | Acrylic | 11" x 14"

Sterling Hundley | Cheshire Woods | Oil on canvas | 16" x 20"

With over 70 works in the exhibit, there are plenty more details in store for those who come to see this fantastic display of work.  Keep checking our blog today and tomorrow for special info about the Saturday evening's opening.

We've been getting a lot of love and a lot of great video coverage from people who came to the Zombies in Love show and this video below is the most comprehensive I've seen thus far. It contains 10 minutes of footage starting with the zombie walk and ending with the zombie dancers and shooting gallery. Many thanks to Scott Day for putting it together.

If you still have not seen the Zombies in Love exhibition in person, the show comes down today but can still be seen online here:

Zombie Kiss was projected during the zombie show. Special thanks goes out to my friends who let me borrow their movies and to Albert from for making it possible.

We are certainly honored to have artist Edel Rodriguez presenting a provocative new body of work in our upstairs Atrium gallery.  The showing includes over 40 new original drawings, paintings, sculptures, and site-specific pieces.  Rodriguez may be best known as Art Director for TIME magazine for which he provided his talent for well over a decade resulting in some of the most striking imagery in the history of the magazine.  The artist has also received Gold Medal status from the Society of Illustrators and one of the works presented in this weekend's HERE | THERE exhibition was used as the cover art for the Society's Illustrators 51, the latest in their annual collection of today's top illustrators.

I really love Scott Campbell's art pieces he submitted for The LOST Underground Art Show. Hopefully he didn't spoil any unseen episodes.

We recently released Scott's "Zombie Fair" print and they are going fast. Purchase it here.

Thanks to the people at Electricplayground for doing this awesome spot on the Zombies in Love show. They got a good shot of the zombies bursting into the gallery. Check it out!

Join us this Saturday in the company of two amazing artists.  We are honored to have Barron Storey and Kent Williams on hand to sign books and chat with fans.

Event Highlights:

• Original work and framed prints will be on display
• See Storey's actual journals in person - a rare and very special treat
• See William's limited edition hand-made Silk Book on display
• Sketch Contest (details below)

Sketch Contest
Those who purchase a book by either artist are entered to win a free sketch from that artist. Winners will be announced on Saturday.  Walk away with a new and special sketch for your collection.

Oh no, the Zombie has found the unsuspecting mother and child with their guard down...

What will happen next?  The fifth and final piece in this series will be on display this Saturday during Zombies in Love.  Oh the suspense!

Although most of the time they are in search for brains, zombies have been known to have impeccable fashion sense.  That is why we are awarding a nice prize to the BEST ZOMBIE COSTUME.  Practice your zombie shuffle and get ready to strike fear into the hearts of humans.  Enter the contest at our front desk before 9:15 pm this Saturday.  The contest itself starts at 9:45 pm.

Some of us zombies here at Nucleus have been gearing up for the occasion...

A thousand thank yous to Effects/Make Up Artist Christine Hayashi who will also being doing make up for the night of the opening!

Have you heard?

Our annual Power In Numbers exhibit, after 4 successful years, has moved online in the form of an ongoing, ever-changing, always inspiring, blog project!
Power In Numbers has always strived to give emerging artists a voice alongside industry professionals and established artists, make artwork accessible to art-lovers, and benefit a cause. By expanding this project to the World Wide Web, we hope to further these ideals.

Starting today, PIN Blog will be continuously shelling out sweet lil' works by artists from all across the globe. Even sweeter, all artworks posted will be available to purchase immediatly and a percentage of the sale is going towards the artist's charity of choice.

All artists are welcome to submit their work to the PIN blog project at the following link:

Check out PIN Blog NOW.
Bookmark it. Get inspired. Get to creating.

Last we left our Zombie, he was on a quest alone in desolate territory when suddenly a sign of life...survivors of the infestation.  A mother and child hiding out in the woods gathering life's essentials...

As mentioned, our good friend Graham Annable is contributing to Zombies In Love.  His contribution is a series of 5 works that tie together to tell a narrative. We thought it would be fun to post some of the series leading up to this Saturday's opening.  Below are Bush Jacket #1 and #2...

A lone Zombie wanders the woods in search of brains and sees in the distance...

I saw this great video on Kanye West's blog and then...

found this other one as well on youtube.