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Do you like beautiful girls? Nucleus does! Check out our Girls! collection of prints, featuring the work of talented artists such as Marguerite Sauvage, Ryuichi Ogino, Vera Brosgol, Kevin Dart, Mizna Wada, Junko Mizuno, and many others.

Kevin Dart

Bill Pressing
Vera Brosgol
Ryuichi Ogino
Maguerite Sauvage

A fascinating photo project by photographer Irina Werning: BACK TO THE FUTURE
A total renactment of old, retro photographs right down to the very minut details..I can't wait till this all becomes a book!

In March, we are hosting a very special charity event, Art Blocks for Ghana, in hopes of raising funds for boarding and education to 13 orphans in Ghana, West Africa. The Picture Book Project Foundation has invited some of the most exciting artists within the animation and illustration community.  All of the works will be on display at Gallery Nucleus starting March 9th with an exclusive fundraiser event on the 12th kicking off an online auction of nearly 200 original works of art.  Below are a few of the works featured and you can see the rest online here

Artist: Alexandra Boiger

Artist: Jon Hunt

Artist: Laura Soriano

Power In Numbers is an ongoing online charity project hosted by Nucleus where small, 5"x7" art pieces are created to impact huge causes. Here are a few of the recently contributed pieces that are currently showing on our site, but it doesn't stop here! We're constantly updating new art and featuring new artists so be sure to check in every couple of days. All pieces from PIN blog are priced at an affordable $50 or $100 dollars so all you art lovers can own an original piece of art!

Keep posted to the project by clicking the Power In Numbers tab on our home page or check it out here

Here we have Chochinobake by Sam Wolfe Connelly. 


For you camera lovers, we have FED Girl by Oscar Rubio.


Craig Elliot contributed work to our current Peepshow exhibit and we also have this lovely lady titled Flower Spiral.


This just in!  A little preview of what's to come in the Harry Potter Tribute show from our talented artist Mindy Lee !

This is just a teaser ink drawing, but it gives us a pretty good idea of what the finished piece might look like and what awesome work we can expect to see from her at the show.  Check out the intricate details in Fawkes's plume.

Spell of the Day:

"Glisseo" - Causes the steps on a stairway to flatten and form a ramp or slide.
This is every kid who lives in a 2 story house's dream spell.  The possibilities of fun are endless with an indoor 2 story slide!
Of course, this can come in very handy when escaping Death Eaters as well, as Hogwarts is loaded with staircases.

If you are in search of something a bit risqué to stimulate your sketchy life, the infamous Suicide Girls will be on hand during this Saturday's Poster Peepshow reception providing the most titillating live modeling you've ever sharpened your pencil to.  Bring your sketchpad for this free drawing session from 8 to 10 pm.