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I haven't read the book, but the trailer got me all teary-eyed. And music by Karen O? Awesome.

Check it out!



This place is A-MA-ZING. Located right next to Los Angeles City College, Scoops is the go-to place for tasty, homemade (and vegan!) ice cream. Two scoops for under $3!

They've been known to have some crazy-sounding flavors like strawberry balsamic vinegar and goat cheese with fig. I decided to stick with pistachio rose water on my first visit. No lie, my roommate and I were almost brought to tears of joy. We're huge pistachio ice cream fans, and SC rarely ever stocks pints of pistachio Haagen-Dazs, so Scoops definitely hit the spot. They also let you submit suggestions for new flavors. I'm rooting for pumpkin pie!

If you're ever near Koreatown or Los Feliz, do yourself a favor, and check out Scoops. This place is like a mini Willy Wonka factory.

And the Monterey Park Daikokuya has arrived! They're in their "soft pre-opening" stage, since they have yet to obtain official licensing from the health department. For now, they're open only for dinner, which starts at 6 PM. This location doesn't have the combination deals (sad face), but it's still good. 

Please note that it's in the three-story building located on the corner of Atlantic and Garvey in #241 (the north side). Hopefully you all aren't directionally challenged like I am; it took us literally 30 minutes to find this place during a previous visit. Wow.


I saw this on and loved it. Similar idea to Creature Comforts and just as entertaining.


The Lost Tribes of New York City from Carolyn London on Vimeo.

I just bought Brendan Monroe's book in our store and loving it! Check out the limited edition box set here.



I've been listening to this song for three days straight. It's cathartic, bittersweet, and hopeful. Jenny Lewis is pure soul.


Every Wednesday from 7pm - 10pm join us for some figure drawing. It's only $15 and open to all artists 18 and over.

Here are some recent drawings I did from our SBS figure sessions. I will try to post more images from other people in the sessions to come...

More details on SBS Figure Session details are HERE

For our final prize in our Rocket In Your Pocket Contest, we are giving away the highly anticipated Double Fine Action Comics Vol. 1 book by Scott C.  The book includes the first 300 of Scott C's comics, plus other things like a board game, a pin up, a making of, a commentary, and a foreword by Tim Schafer from Double Fine.   


Today's Winning Numbers:


If the number on your ROCKET flier matches one of the ten numbers above, call us at 626-458-7482 and leave a message.  The first person to contact us and confirm their winning number will be awarded this prize!  Read more details about the Rocket In Your Pocket Contest here

We would like to thank all those who participated in the contest.  Regardless if you were a winner, we hope that you enjoyed playing and we really appreciate your support! :)


My design class watched super awesome stop motion videos created by PES. This is some crazy stuff! "Roof Sex" took 20 days to shoot.


Congrats to Sean Manning for winning yesterday's prize, a signed Ninjas All Over The Place art print by Scott C.  Winning numbers for our final prize, the Double Fine Action Comics Vol. 1 book, will be announced this Saturday, March 14.


We are excited to now offer AUDIBLES of Scott C talking about the work in HOME SLICE.  Click on the blue icons below to hear Scott C talk about his concept behind the exhibit as well as some of the pieces. You will find several more AUDIBLES throughout the online gallery here

Have fun!

Audio <-- Click this icon to hear Scott C talk about the exhibit

Audio <-- Click this icon to hear Scott C talk about CLOUD HOUSE

Audio <-- Click this icon to hear Scott C talk about TANK HOUSE

Leave some comments to let us know what you think about the AUDIBLES!

Christian Rex Van Minnen | Keyhole 4.1 | 36"x29" | $2500

Christian Rex van Minnen has created a wonderfully disturbing and eerily beautiful collection of work for his solo exhibition at Roq La Rue in Seattle.  The exhibit is entitled NEO-GROTESQUE and showcases over a dozen impressive works featuring biological monstrosities painted in portrait form with a Renaissance formality.

Similarities to Giuseppe Arcimboldo and even H.R. Giger are evident, however van Minnen has his own decisive approach.  With this exhibit, van Minnen continues to explore his Keyhole series.  In this series, the works consist of two stacked panels with a silhouette cutout on the upper panel and the painted elements on the bottom.  Depending on what vantage point the viewer observes the work, different elements from the bottom panel are revealed through the cutout allowing the work to appear as if it is transforming in front of you.  The offering also includes a continuation of his popular Manfungus series and even still life compositions like the striking one below.

Christian Rex Van Minnen | Still Life 1.1 | 36"x29" | $3400

Opening Reception: Friday, March 13, 6 to 9 pm
Runs through April 4
Roq La Rue
2312 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

You can view more of the artist's work which has been featured at Nucleus here

Van Minnen is also contributing to the ROJO OCHO Global Group Exhibit

As mentioned yesterday, our Special Guests for the HOME SLICE reception were puppet reincarnations of some of Scott C's most beloved characters.  Come see the puppets for yourself as they are on display at Nucleus through the duration of the HOME SLICE exhibition.

While in town, Scott C was able to hang out with his familiar friends, and oh, did they get themselves into some mischief as seen in the photos to follow.  Feel free to write captions for these photos in the Comments section haha...tell us what you think of 'em!

Many thanks to Russ Walko, the talented puppeteer and trainer responsible for creating these guys as well as Love Ablan for snapping some really awesome pictures!

Speaking of thanks, a BIG THANK YOU to the folks over at Drawn! for posting about the HOME SLICE exhibit.

Today's Winning Numbers are for one of the last two prizes to be awarded in our Rocket In Your Pocket Contest in celebration of Scott C's exhibit HOME SLICE currently running (see exhibit online here).

Today's prize is Scott C's Ninjas All Over The Place art print.  It is the artist's top selling print at Nucleus and it is certainly hard to tire of looking at this scene of ninjas battling beasts, boxing, reading, dancing, playing and listening to music.  I especially love the two monsters taking a moment from the chaos to sip their tea haha!  Click here to see close-up views of this print or to purchase it for your collection.


Today's Winning Numbers:



This Saturday, March 14, we will be announcing the final winning numbers in the contest.  The final prize is Scott C's highly anticipated and soon-to-be-released Double Fine Action Comics Vol. 1

The book is available for pre-order here and should ship next week.  It features the first 300 of Scott C's comics plus a board game, a pin up, a making of, a commentary, and a foreword by Tim Schafer.


Check back later today for more awesome pictures of Scott C hanging with the Puppets.  You are gonna love these photos I promise!

Thank you to those who made it out to the HOME SLICE exhibit this past Saturday.  It was a great night filled with a lot of fun in the company of great people including the one and only Scott C as well as some Special Guests (more below).  See photos from the reception here

Most who attended the reception, said that HOME SLICE is Scott C's most cohesive body of work.   Many were delighted upon discovering the hundreds of details depicted throughout the work.  One observer mentioned the artist's talent in conveying rather complex emotions within a few properly placed lines.  And of course, as I've said before, Scott C possesses this very rare ability of injecting humor into art successfully.  A difficult feat for many artists to master.

Among the works featured in this exhibit, you will find the gargantuan Dinosaur House.  Measuring nearly 6ft in length and 3ft in height, it is the largest work that Scott C has ever created.  From mammoth-loving youngsters, to classes taught by the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, to full-frontals of gleeful cavemen, this piece showcases the imagination of a very creative artist whose work resonates with many.


What is this talk about Special Guests?  Well, these new friends of ours were part of the festivities of this past Saturday.  They are puppets handsomely crafted by the talented Russ Walko, a professional puppeteer and trainer.

Scott C & The Philosopher (on right) sharing a brewski and contemplating life



We will share a few more of these photos when we announce the Winning Numbers for tomorrow's prize of the day, Scott C's infamous Ninjas All Over The Place art print (valued at $150).  If you are a fan, this print is a keeper!

Hello, all!


We at Nucleus are insanely thrilled about Scott C's solo exhibit HOME SLICE, which opens tomorrow night at 7pm. During the reception, we'll be raffling off this super rad original sketch

So, here are the details: at the door, you'll receive 1 free raffle ticket. Those who have a ROCKET raffle flier, present the flier for a second free raffle ticket and you'll have double the chance of taking home a Scott C original!



To add to the festivities, we're releasing an awesome new art print of ROCKET HOUSE at tomorrow's opening reception! Those attending the reception can purchase the print at $30 (Reg. Price $35)


One more exciting tidbit! Last night, Scott C was interviewed by Rob & Hailey from CoinOp TV. Watch this neat video below!

Coin-Op TV Live - Artist Scott C. (Brutal Legend)

Watch This Episode on

Congratulations to Jake Talley who is the winner of yesterday's prize, his very own Ninjas All Over The Place designer tee.  This shirt will be available in limited quantities of both MEN'S and WOMEN'S sizes during this Saturday's reception.  Guarantee your own by ordering your size online now.  If you plan to come to the reception, you can choose to pick up your online order in person by selecting "Store Pickup" at checkout.




Check out Scott C interviewed on the new episode of Coin-Op TV airing live tonight at 8pm on

It is time to announce the winning numbers in our Rocket In Your Pocket Contest.  Today's winner receives their very own Ninjas All Over The Place designer tee that references the infamous Scott C artwork of the same name.  Available in both Lads and Ladies sizes here as well as during this weekend's reception (while supplies last).


Today's Winning Numbers:



If the number on your ROCKET flier matches one of the ten numbers above, call us at 626-458-7482 and leave a message.  The first person to contact us and confirm their winning number will be awarded this prize!



Less than four days left until this outrageous exhibit launches with an abundance of curiosities to explore including Special Guests.  When I say Special Guests, I'm not referring to the one and only Scott C although we are delighted to have him.  These Special Guests are fuzzier in nature and most likely will leave you in stitches.

Sketch Book Society: Figure Drawing Model Session this Wednesday. (6pm - 9pm) above our gallery.

If you have not been to one of our sessions yet, please come by. Its one of the few figure drawing workshops in the SGV.

Only 15$ for 3 hours. Thats about 25 cents a pose.

Pay online here or in person.


Congratulations are in order for Jeff Yorkes!  He is the winner of a set of 3 of Scott C's most popular prints...


It still is not too late to join in the contest fun by picking up your own Rocket flier at Nucleus.  Our next batch of winning numbers will be announced this Wednesday, March 4.


Read a fun and informative interview with Scott C on Hunt & Gather

Saw this over at, Lance Armstrong and the LiveStrong foundation are commissioning a series of chalk graffiti art, dubbed the "Open Roads" chalk art campaign. I haven't found more details yet, but I'm assuming it's going to involve a lot more cities and more artists.  The Lance Armstrong Foundation has also been out in different cities, distributing free packs of yellow chalk and encouraging people to write or draw on the pavement. 

Full story (and more pics), from


Related reading regarding the public writings and drawings along Stage 7 the Tour of California, from

As you know, we are giving away Scott C collectibles now through March 14 as his upcoming exhibit HOME SLICE is set to open this coming Saturday with the artist in attendance.  Today's prize is a set of 3 of Scott C's most popular prints including Sharing With Plants, Igloo Head & Tree Head 2, and Cutest Thing Ever.

Today's Winning Numbers:


If the number on your ROCKET flier matches one of the ten numbers above, call us at 626-458-7482 and leave a message.  The first person to contact us and confirm their winning number will be awarded this prize!  Read more details about the Rocket In Your Pocket Contest here

STAY TUNED HERE on March 4, for our next round of winning numbers.  This Wednesday's winner will receive the Ninjas All Over The Place designer tee, fashioned after Scott C's popular original work of the same name from our Revenge of the Ninja exhibit.  These artist-designed tees will be available at the Opening.

Prize for this Wednesday, March 4:


With less than a week away, we are the midst of installing Scott C's most impressive show to date.  We have seen the work firsthand and it is absolutely amazing!  As promised, our final reveal of work before the opening reception this Saturday.


At an impressive 30"x44" size, we present WHALE HOUSE...