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Naja Conrad-Hansen
is an artist and designer working out of Copenhagen, Denmark. She was raised in an artistic family setting and graduated from Denmark's Design School with a MA in Visual Communication and Fine Art. She has found success as a freelance artist and designer whose practice embraces art direction, illustration, painting, graphic design, and even silk-screen printmaking. Her works have been included in a wide variety of fashion and graphic magazines and books. She also creates print and pattern designs for various clothing labels including limited edition prints for her own brand Meannorth. The artist was selected for "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide" 2007/2008 and again in 2009/20010, by Lürzer's Archive.

The artist has four original works featured in the Line of Style exhibit opening this Saturday, April 3. Over the next week, we will be spotlighting other contributors to the exhibit. Keep posted!

Annie award-winning animator Nicolas Marlet has lent his unique talents to the new Dreamworks' release "How to Train Your Dragon" opening this weekend.  The French animator has been a part of the studio for 15 years on a number of feature films including "Kung Fu Panda" on which he designed the full cast of characters.

Preferring traditional medium over digital, Marlet fills pages as he studies every twist and turn of his densely detailed and pondered creations.  They are wildly charming works with his own distinct wispy lines about them.  It has been a treat to comb the pages of the "Art of Train Your Dragon" book seeing many of Marlet's visions unfold.  Below are some shots from the book with more to be seen here

I cannot wait to see what magic did NOT make the book as we welcome many of the film's contributors for a special insight behind the film this Sunday.  Learn more

***UPDATE: We are pleased to offer this exclusive limited edition sketchbook release by the artist here



No gamers or concept art fans should miss this Saturday'a GOW 3 event as we welcome the creative talents behind the PS3 game for an artist panel, book signing, and live painting demo. The evening will be jam packed with GOW raffle giveaways and artwork on exhibit. Admission is a mere $2 and with that comes a raffle ticket (for great prizes), plus $2.00 off any store purchase including the God of War III Signature Series Guide.

It all goes down at 5PM!

Event Features:

  • $2 Admission = 1 raffle ticket & $2 off any store purchase.
  • 5PM -6PM: Panel and Q & A. Meet the artists and designers behind the game.
  • 6PM: Book Signing for "Art of Book/Strategy Guide."
  • 6PM-9PM: Witness the artists paint GOW themed artwork right before your eyes.
  • Raffle drawings and giveaways of GOW merchandise every hour.
  • Playable demos for GOW3.

Artists in attendence:

  • Andrew Kim
  • Andy Park
  • Cecil Kim
  • Izzy
  • Jung Ho Park
  • Scott Seeto

Check out Electric Playground's coverage/interview of our Alice in Wonderland-inspired art show, Curiouser and Curiouser. If you weren't able to make the opening, you still have time to check out all of the incredible art! The show will come down on March 29.


TOMORROW NIGHT (!), right after the Alice Artist Panel, we're presenting works by two creative forces that will "awww" with their imagination and ingenuity.

Jared Andrew Schorr creates works of light-hearted subject matter with the patience and precision of paper cuts. The kaleidoscope of colors and playful little monsters featured tomorrow night, will surely bring joy and and warm the hearts of many (promise, or your money back!).
Check out some of Jared's works via his blog, where he also offers some very cool wallpaper downloads.

Sean Chao
sculpts and paints worlds filled of curiosity and amusement. His works stand as odd little moments frozen in time, where imagination and personal history intertwine and are delicately constructed with a gamut of mixed media. Come out and inquire into the natural wonder Sean's created for us, you'll leave longing for more.

To go onwards with the adventure, please see their websites:

Visit Nucleus on March 13 for a rare opportunity to meet the creative talents behind the movie "Alice in Wonderland." The artists from Disney Studio will be joining our panel for a Q & A to discuss their work in Tim Burton's new film.

Only Nucleus will be carrying the "Art of" book, "Alice in Wonderland: A Visual Companion" before its release date on March 30!
Join us this Saturday and be the first to own the book and have it signed by the artists during this special, one-time only presentation!

Speakers in attendance include:

Dylan Cole
Michael Kutsche
Scott Lukowski
Steven Messing
Daphne Yap
Christian Gosset
Jim McPherson

We've promised adventure and discovery for the upcoming exhibit The Untold Want (opening March 13) and that is just what you are going to get.  Two budding artists heralding from Art Center pouring over with creativity and cleverness as seen in the above work aptly titled "Ear Drum" by one of the contributors Sean Chao.  Chao also has work in the Curiouser exhibit that can be viewed online here (it is pretty wild!)

We will be sharing more info as we approach the opening, but I hope you are marking it in your calendars because it would be great if you could stop by to see some really fun feel good art!

One of the more popular highlights from the Curiouser & Curiouser exhibit has been the impressive linoleum cut prints by Chicago artist Andrew Wright installed as a strewn deck of cards across the gallery walls.  Wright's depiction of the Queen and King of Hearts cleverly captures each character's idiosyncrasies.  The prints are each a limited edition of only 12 which are signed and numbered by the artist.  They are rather sizable and each one is unique due to the process employed.  I wanted to share with you photos from the production of the editions so that you can see the complexity of the artist's undertaking...interesting

View details of The Queen or The King

Here | There features Edel Rodriguez who shares with us in this show, a rich narrative of his cultural background and experience from his homeland Cuba. In addition to the illustrative narrative that is presented to us through his paintings and sculptures, we are thrilled to be able to share with you candid, exclusive mini audios of Edel sharing with us the root of his inspiration for his many pieces. In a definitely unique experience, take a quick change of perspective to see the artwork from the viewpoint of the creator. His audios can be found throughout the online gallery of the show Here | There. Here is an example of such audios for your listening pleasure. 

[Listen to Edel

Happy Audio Hunting!