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Mark Ryden's most recent solo exhibition opened at Paul Kasmin gallery in NYC this week.
This time lapse video shows Ryden painting one of the pieces in the show, 'Incarnation.'
Pretty interesting to see his paint process!

It was only a matter of time before artists also jumped into the reality show bandwagon. June 9 marks the premier of Bravo's new reality show 'Work of Art.' As with all reality show competitions, each episode will feature the contestants facing a variety of challenges. Their weekly assignments are said to be, "exciting, original and will challenge the artists' to push the limits of their technical skills and creative boundaries." Iinnnteresting...

What I'm curiouse to see is how these judges will critique the 'art'. The judges are Bill Powers, a New York Gallery owner and literary art contributor, Jerry Saltz, current art critic for New York Magazine, and Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, esteemed curator and owner of Salon94 gallery. Check out the clip below.

We are very thrilled to share the news that Line of Style made the cover of the current Apparel News, the voice of California's apparel industry.  Select pieces from designer/illustrator Connie Lim's collection were spotlighted on the cover and in the feature article as well as a great overview of the exhibit.

You can read the full article here

I told you about Matik's impressive catwalk construction a few days back.  The catwalk (titled RAMP), was a wonderful backdrop for the two runway shows and made for an engaging space for attendees of the reception.  You can check out a time lapse of its construction below.


RAMP- NUCLEUS GALLER 4.3.10 from Shinichiro Fujita on Vimeo.

Just in case you didn't make it to last Saturday's Line of Style opening, I wanted to share this video of Connie Lim's "Noir" collection.  The showing was definitely a highlight of the night that had many abuzz.  Witness for yourself!


line of style from bryan yen on Vimeo.

Nucleus is hosting an entertaining event this Saturday featuring a mixture of talent including eclectic music ranging from guitar to ukulele plus spoken word and even magic.  Am I On Speakerphone? features six creative performers coming together to bring you a unique and memorable night.  Hope you can join us!  Learn more

You need to know about Matik.  When I first met this dynamic duo, I was immediately impressed with their creativity and vision for the Line of Style catwalk that we were commissioning them to construct.  The team consists of two Art Center grads with a wide range of talents and interests continually exploring and developing new territories in design.  They are masters at site-specific installation work and interactive concept pieces.  Their goal is to stimulate curiosity in the people, places, and objects around us.

Keeping true to the concept and aesthetic of the exhibit with an emphasis on line work and the basis behind fabric construction, Matik crafted a 40' long catwalk of interwoven string reaching the 20' height of our ceilings.  The result is impactful.  We cannot wait for you to see it in person.  I will have a time lapse of its construction for you soon.  In the meantime check out some of their other recent projects here


2009 Gen Art Award winner and LA Fashion week designer Valerj Pobega will present six pieces from her Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Pobega is originally from Italy is trained in art and had a successful modeling career, the combination of the two lead her to fashion design. The designer is unique in her craft, each piece she makes is painstakingly hand cut, dyed, trimmed and sewn by her, making each piece a one of a kind, a work of art in itself- “It’s not really about the clothes for me, it’s more about creating something beautiful. I’m an artist at heart and so I need something that drives me towards creating." The 2010 Spring and Summer collection is inspired by Japanese kimonos and the art of Shibori and Kinbaku/Shibari (Japanese Bondage), Pobega sites the photos of Nobuyohi Araki as inspiration. The collection is simple with a limited black, white and beige palette, yet daring and visually compelling.

***Valerj Pobega's collection will be presented at 9:30 pm

Above: The designer with one of her latest designs.

During this Saturday's opening, we are thrilled to be presenting two runway shows.  The first will showcase the new collection by llustrator and designer Connie Lim entitled Noir drawing inspiration from her love of the color black. The entire line is handmade and explores the masculine vs. feminine silouette. The volumnious forms play on the ideal muscular masculine physique which in turn are created by soft, sheer and billowy organza fabric retaining inherent feminine characteristics.

The artist currently works in Los Angeles. She has studied at Art Center, LA Trade Tech and Central Saint Martins in London where she will be returning by year's end. Lim's designs are directly inspired by her illustrations...creating art that becomes fashion. Her love of fashion illustration led her to design. Alexander Mcqueen and Gareth Pugh are her inspiration. Her goal is to create work that is exciting and bold stating in an interview with Dazed Digital "My work is my relief, my freedom of creative thought, basically, the unseen part of myself. On paper, it comes down to dark lustrous women who are confident and dangerous."  In addition to the clothing line, Lim has also contributed two original works...each published in Dazed & Confused magazine.

***Connie Lim's collection will be presented at 8:00 pm

Erin Petson
is an artist and illustrator, who currently resides in London and works at the cutting edge of traditional and mixed media. She has a love of drawing, mark making and montage. Her subjects have a mystical energy that is ethereal and edgy, which in turn, create powerful and provocative images. The texture, quality and immediacy of her artwork captures firsthand viewers. Petson's delicate creations possess an almost paper doll-like quality and have been described as Glam Fashion vintage assemblages. Her work has appeared in Vogue, JOOP, Jane, Hide+Chic and commissioned by dozens of other international clients.  We are featuring three original works from the artist in Line of Style.

We are very honored to showcase the work of Finnish artist Laura Laine in Line of Style. We have followed her work for several years now and our fondness for it continues to grow. Rather than utilizing the human figure as a mere object to wrap clothing designs around, Laine dynamically merges the form and clothing. Her figures possess a gentle flow which mimics the movement and characteristics of the clothing. Laine’s illustrations are dark, elegant, and possess a distinct and recognizable style. Her works have been commissioned for many publications across the world including Elle and the New Yorker. She has contributed her work for use by Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Zara to name a few. We are showcasing three beautifully refined original works from the artist in the upcoming exhibit.