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Not that Kung Fu Panda lacks marketing...but most of us here are excited and anticipate this film's release. Many of our close friends have worked on this film (such as Nucleus artist Phil Craven!) and some for almost 4 years. From what we have heard in the past few years this film has come a long way and we look forward to seeing the final result.


I'm going to see it tomorrow with some Dreamworks employees, so I will find out if it lives up to the hilarity of Phil. It releases nationwide on June 6!


In other panda news.

Amidst the tragic stories of the recent earthquake, several baby pandas that were said to have been lost during the earthquake have been found. Here is some unbearable proof:


There's been a slew of updates to the website this week, so I thought I'd point some of them out. First: our blog is now live (which you already know about, since you're reading this). Second: we've finally gotten around to adding a press section. Third: you can now redeem coupons when checking out. Keep your eyes peeled in-store and on-the-web for coupon promotions and deals. Lastly: the site itself should be a little speedier due to some configuration changes.


I was recently introduced to Graham Annable's completely offbeat but really funny animated shorts. They're all about 1 min long or so, great for that lil' break from work :).

Here's one of the favs:

Check out more of his shorts on YouTube at The Grickle Channel.

Graham is the creator of all things Grickle, which besides animation, includes graphic novels, artwork, and comics. He's also the editor of the Hickee comic series. For more on Graham and his lovably-weird characters, check out his blog.

I'm really looking forward now to The Great Great Grandshow this August which Graham is in alongside Scott Campbell, Israel Sanchez and Jon Klassen. I think he's doing 10 or so, fun!

San Diego band (and my pals!) The Modlins are going to be playing at our Into the Woods show in June. I'm very excited about this because not only do I love their music, but I think it's a great fit for the whimsical nature of our show. 

Check out their website and see them live at the show! It'll be knee-slappin' good times.

Urban art is a term whose range is continuosly being expanded. This recent youtube gem should have animation fanatics and urban artists alike in glee of its creativity and execution.

The only other noteworthy discovery as of late is the video of Mr. Carpenter winning the big one in style on "Who Wants to Be a Millionare." 

Book Expo America is coming to LA on May 29th! It's one of the largest book conventions--tons of workshops, readings, and publisher and retailer booths. Nucleus friend and artist Kazu Kibuishi will be there doing a signing for his latest graphic novel, Amulet, as well as taking part in a panel withAmerican Born Chinese author Gene Yang. 

Also keep yer eyeballs peeled for Nucleus's very own Frank and Frank book by Chris Appelhans. Stop by the Last Gasp booth to check it out! I'll be there with Ben roaming the hall on Friday, May 30th. Hope to see some of you there!


Scenario 1: A close one's birthday is coming up and you want to get them something special but you think besides buying something, the gift is still not special enough. 

Scenario 2: You like the sketchbooks and journals you see at the store but want something more personal. In fact you have an idea for a sketchbook/journal that only fits your needs and one that you think will look better or at least to your liking.  

Solution: We are happy to announce Book Binding - the first of many workshops to come. Our friend P. Williams will be teaching this informative class for the second time, two years after its debut. All students will be making a sketchbook during class and should be able to retain their book-making skills for years to come. This workshop fits all ages and all skill levels. If you are interested sign up soon as seats are limited.


These are some amazing new pieces Fuco submitted for a show in Seattle.

"Dreams of Flowers"



 "Sprouting 2" 


See the pieces in all their splendor on Saturday! 

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