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Dominique Fung is a young Canadian-based illustrator and fine artist who graduated with honors from Sheridan College. Her work often explores a creative relationship, one that occurs through her use of design and fine art in conjunction with one another. She has exhibited in group exhibitions throughout the US, including ones at Subtext Gallery, Billy Shire Fine Arts, and T & P Fine Art.

Here's her gorgeous painting, titled Gertrude Blossom, for the show!

Ashkahn Shahparnia is an artist and graphic designer who established ASHKAHN Studio + Company in 2009. He received his BFA in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art & Design in 2006, and in 2010, he was nominated for Print Magazine's "Top 20 Under 30" new visual artists. His impressive list of clients includes Capitol Records, NBC, TBWA\Chiat\Day, and Vice Magazine. He lives and works in Silver Lake, California. 

Here's Ashkahn's piece for Illustrated Type, available for purchase!

And if you have some free time this Friday night, head over to Reform School in Silver Lake between 7 and 10 pm for Ashkahn's pop up shop! He'll have new prints, original artwork, and accessories for sale. There'll also be complimentary banana splits and wine!


Nucleus will be hosting an artist panel with art directors Tang Heng and Phil Craven, along with character designer Nicolas Marlet!

The artists will be speaking about their roles during production, and about their work at DreamWorks Animation with time for Q & A afterward!
They will also be signing copies of The Art-Of Kung Fu Panda 2, on pre-order for $39.99 HERE.  

Image provided by Nicolas Marlet

For more information about the event, check it out HERE!

Image provided by Nicolas Marlet


Miki Sato is a Toronto based freelance illustrator who creates tactile and unique works of art by collaging together found objects, fabrics, and paper. Her work is often subtle and delicate, both in color and with the details she lovingly layers onto each piece. With the addition of stitching, painting and embroidery, the resulting works are nothing short of perfectly dreamy three-dimensional vignettes.

It all begins with a sketch! Miki was sweet enough to share with us some of her process sketches for the upcoming exhibit Baker's Dozen. Can you already guess the idiom for each piece?

Make sure to come by and check out the finished results on June 11!
Check out more of Miki's lovely work on her WEBSITE.

If you haven't seen our prints section lately, here are type gems you've been missing out on!

Storming the Capital, Jon Klassen

Salutations, Kevin Chan (signed)

Alphabet with Monogram, Ed Fella (signed, limited edition of 30)

Monkey Playtime (Edition of 10), Sean Chao

Matter into Spirit (Edition of 30), Studio on Fire

A Field Guide to Typestaches 

Frieda Gossett received her BFA with honors at the Art Center College of Design in 2003. She is known for her beautifully crafted leather works that create a peculiar relationship with animals and surroundings. Gossett’s creations are featured in group exhibitions at Gallery Nucleus and Jonathan Levine.

You might remember Frieda from past shows here at Nucleus, most notably at Systema Naturae, Systema Naturae II: Submerged, and Systema Naturae: Aeris. Below are her pieces for Illustrated Type, which are now available for purchase. 

Born in Anchorage, Alaska, and currently residing in New York, designer Keetra Dean Dixon divides her time between public installations, exhibits, and commercial projects. Her work has been recognized on several fronts, including a US presidential award, a place in the permanent design collection at SFMOMA, and the honorable ranking of ADC Young Gun. Dixon has been featured in numerous publications and exhibits, including feature articles in Etapes Magazine, commissioned works for the '09 U.S. Presidential Inauguration, and the 2010 UK Design Event. 

Keetra has tons of beautiful, whimsical projects, all of which are carefully catalogued on her website. Her piece for Illustrated Type, TrouBLESSome, is still available for purchase! See all available work here.


Sean Chao sculpts and paints worlds filled with curiosity and amusement. His work often captures odd, little moments frozen in time, where imagination and personal history intertwine and are delicately constructed with a gamut of mixed media. Chao has exhibited at Giant Robot, Black Maria Gallery, Carmichael Gallery, Abacot Gallery, and Gallery Nucleus.

We have only 4 framed prints left for purchase—super adorable clay buddies included! :)



Josh Cochran is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. His drawings are commissioned by a variety of clients in broadcast, books, magazines, and advertising. He has received awards from several publications and organizations including Print Magazine's 20 under 30 New Visual Artists 2009, ADC Young Guns 6, Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, and was recently featured on the cover of Communication Arts.

Below is his gorgeous quail for Illustrated Type, along with some awesome process photos. Thank you for taking the time to send these over, Josh! Everyone, this piece is still up for grabs!!

Keeping the artist spotlights going! Next up, we have Mike Perry.

Mike Perry
works as a designer and artist in a variety of mediums, including—but not limited to—books, magazines, newspapers, clothing, drawing, painting, and illustration. Perry works regularly for a number of editorial and commercial clients including Dwell, Target, and Urban Outfitters. In 2004, he was chosen as one of Step Magazine’s 30 under 30. In 2008, he received Print Magazine’s New Visual Artist award and the ADC Young Guns 6. In addition to his commercial, non-profit, and art work, Perry has also published extensively. His first of three books, Hand Job, focuses specifically on the relevance and beauty of hand-drawn type in the digital age. 

Here are his super rad letters for Illustrated Type (which are still available for purchase!).  

Saturday was a blast—thank you to everyone who attended! 

The artwork is now available for viewing (and purchasing!) here and here. Enjoy these photos from opening night (more on Flickr)!

Also, THIS happened. FYI balloon drop kits from Party City don't always work...

We're gearing up for the opening reception for our two exhibitions—Illustrated Type and East to West Flash Trip: Lorelay Bové & Becky Dreistadt—and have a few highlights to share!


  • 1 FREE TICKET to all attendees. 
  • Additional tickets are $2 each. 
  • Winners must be present. 
Prizes are limited edition prints by Sean ChaoJessica Hische, Studio on Fire, and Ed Fella. Respective images below!


We're also releasing Ed Fella's piece as a signed & numbered, limited edition print (22" x 15").




GET EXCITED. See you Saturday! 

                                                                                   "Princess Shiba and Royal Kirin"

We've just released this charming new print by artist Becky Dreistadt.  Available here

Dreistadt's duo show with Disney's Lorelay Bov
é is only a few days away!
The opening reception for "East to West Flash Trip" begins at 7p.m. this Saturday.
Both of these wonderful artists will be in attendance and those who join us will have a chance to take home prizes!

To see the exclusive preview of this exhibit, please sign up here.

A Californian based in Sweden, Brendan Monroe is someone who is curious about the way things work. His artwork is half inspired by science and half by speculations on dreams. His paintings are filled with blood cells, misshapen globs and, once in a while, hydrogen atoms. He invents imagined mindscapes and sculpts inquisitive wooden figures.

For Illustrated Type, Brendan experimented with shaping cherry veneer, and painted its surface with acrylic. The result is a super slick, gorgeous ‘W’, inspired by all forms of electromagnetic waves—visible light, X-rays, AM, FM radio.

See this gorgeous letterform up close in just 5 DAYS! See you Saturday!

Images provided by Brendan Monroe

We're on a baking rampage! Here are pictures from a recent ginger cookie alphabet (+ some stars and hearts) taste test, in preparation for this Saturday's opening reception. Get ready for some treats! We'll also be serving up RGB jello shots (cherry, lime, berry blue).

Any fun design puns to share? We'd love to hear them; we're brainstorming drink names at the moment!

Based in Verona, Italy, design studio Happycentro has worked with both large and small clients, for local agencies and major international companies. They've been featured in Playful Type 2, 3D Typography, Type Player, and Graphic Magazine, and have delved into visual art, typography, graphic design, illustration, animation, film direction, and even music!

Their Illustrated Type piece, Typografly, is a stunning, impressive combination of origami, graphic design, and typography. It follows the tracks of "Paper Objects," a project made from 6 abstract origami forms, texturized with CMYK colors used in the printing process. The letters that define space—X, Y, Z—are presented inside a glass reliquary, as butterflies.

See this, along with 50+ letterforms (!!!), next Saturday!

Image provided by Happycentro

Born and educated in Bangkok, Pomme Chan completed her BA in Interior Design at Silpakorn University before working at the Bangkok offices of both WPP’s DY&R and Grey as a graphic designer. In 2002 she relocated to the UK for a Foundation in Graphic Design and Communication at the London College of Communication.

Over the past five years, her drawings have featured in The TelegraphIDN, Grafik, Curvy Book and FT magazines, and she has worked on prestigious ad campaigns for the likes of Sony, MTV, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Marc Jacobs, Microsoft, The Guardian, Nike and Topshop.

Using her unique hand-drawn skill, Pomme’s eclectic style gets its inspiration from everyday life. Nature, fashion, architecture and the female form play a big part in her works. Pomme is also passionate about typographical illustrations, several of which appeared in La Perla Magazine, a cover for Digital Arts Magazine and New York Times Magazine, among others.

You might remember Pomme's work from last year's Line of Style show. Here's her screen print for Illustrated Type! Check out that gorgeous, vibrant person! The show's exactly one week away!

Ed Fella stopped by the gallery yesterday to drop off his contribution to Illustrated Type! Completely unpretentious and solidly grounded, he talked about his three-hour tour of the Huntington Botanical Gardens, his status as an exit-level designer, his thirty years spent as a commercial artist in Detroit, his preference to participate in smaller gallery shows, his trip to Europe in the near future... Basically, it was a surreal experience; I was having this kind of moment on the inside.

Here's a sneak peek of Ed Fella's alphabet for the show, rendered in colored pencil. We also have a limited edition print in the works, so stay tuned!

Fun tidbit: He decided to merge the 'E' and 'F' specifically because they're his initials!

We're just 10 days away from opening night! Here are more process shots from Illustrated Type contributors—this time, from illustrator Kristina Collantes. Kristina grew up in the Philippines, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Some of her clients include GQ, The Flaming Lips, Hi-Fructose, and LA Weekly.

Here, inspired by travel photos, she presents a milkfish bicycling through a soft mass of tangled colors. This will be Kristina's first time exhibiting a traditional media piece in a gallery, and is a taste of what to expect from her first solo art show!

Congratulations, Kristina, and thank you for sharing! 


Images provided by Kristina Collantes

Jing Wei was born in a sub-provincial city in China and raised in the suburbs of Northern California. In the fall of 2004, she attended the Rhode Island School of Design and developed a great affinity for printmaking, snow, and pizza. Jing currently resides in Brooklyn, with one cat and two humans. Her previous clients include The BelieverBitch, McSweeney's, and NPR. 

Jing has provided us with some lovely process photos of her alphabet—starting with the drawing on tracing paper, then transferred onto a board, being carved away, and finally, printed. Thank you for taking the time to send these over, Jing! Loving your alphabet forest!



Images provided by Jing Wei

Andrea Innocent is no stranger to Nucleus; she’s exhibited her quirky, bizarre, Asian-inspired work in Sweet Streets IIICON6: A Labor of Line, and Power in Numbers. We’re excited to have her back in the gallery for Illustrated Type!

Andrea’s piece for Illustrated Type draws inspiration from onomatopoeic Japanese words, and also from children's author and illustrator Richard Scarry's books. This illustration—rendered with pencil, charcoal, and Japanese pigment ink—is part of a new series of work for a solo show in Melbourne, Australia, set to open later this year! Congratulations, Andrea!

Images from Andrea Innocent's website

Teagan White’s drawings are the kinds of drawings that make me curse out loud, because they’re ALL so detailed and dynamic. She’s an up-and-coming freelance designer and illustrator from Chicago, currently a student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Intricate linework, naturalistic rendering, and subdued color are integral to her visual identity, while a fascination with natural history, antiquities, and mortality drives the content of her work.

Here’s her contribution to Illustrated Type. For this piece, Teagan was inspired by the cyclical pattern of life and death, and how the ampersand as a mark suggests continuation and eternity in both meaning and visual form. Holy ampersand!

& & &: Part 1

And here are some of her past projects—enjoy!

Quote from "The Art of Looking Sideways" by Alan Fletcher.

Images from Teagan White's website.

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, and currently based in Winnipeg, Canada, Takashi Iwasaki creates art that's playful and meticulous, ranging from embroidery, sculpture, painting, to collage. 

In previous work, ‘visual diary’ (abstract and symbolic records of activities, thoughts, and memories in a period of time) has been a starting point; however, specifically for Illustrated Type, Takashi chose to work with two personally important Japanese characters—‘poetry’ and 'sublimity’. He visualizes a relationship between the two, with an impeccably hand-embroidered diptych. These colors and shapes are so fresh and whimsical!




Takashi has been on my radar for the past two years, and I’m so happy to feature his artwork in our gallery! His pieces, along with those of fellow contributors Studio On Fire, Christine Nguyen & Michael Wysong (to name only a few), definitely bring much-valued tactility to the space. See them all on Saturday, May 14th!

Images provided by Takashi Iwasaki