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Our friend P.Williams will be revealing his installation/performance this Friday. From the photos and what we have heard, the performance at 8pm will be entertaining and not to be missed.

You can read about it on his blog:

"Ground Us"
Huntington Beach Art Center
Reception Friday, June 27th, 7-9pm
Performance: 8pm (Don't miss this)

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Gizmodo recently toured Lego's headquarters and had the privilege of entering the vault: a collection of every Lego set ever made. If, like myself, these sets were a huge part of your childhood, you might find this short video touching and nostalgic. The Johnny Cash tune is icing. Here's a snippet from Gizmodo's article that sums it up nicely:

"You know what I'm talking about, those were the days and all that jazz. But for real. Feelings and moments from times when everything was innocent and your only concern was the amount of cocoa in your cereals, your bike, and a big carpet full of Lego bricks."

It's a good read, and I can understand the author getting a little teary while holding those boxes. It's not the magical little bricks themselves, it's the memories surrounding each of those sets that is Lego - from castles to pirates to towns to spaceships.

One of my personal favorites, Jeremy Dower, recently revamped his site with even more fun and beautifully painted characters. He is proficient in original as well as digital media. 

Check out his work here:


Also, our friends over at Nanospore just came out with a new motion piece for FUSE.

Check it out here:

The opening reception for Into the Woods was definitely good times. Thanks to everyone who came out! And special thanks to Jason H. and Natalie who were a huuuge help in setting up all those awesome white trees and branches.

This show was a tremendous collaborative effort on the part of the artists, Nucleus staff, The Modlins, friends, and family. We were so pleased by how it turned out!

Also, a huge hand in making the show a success was this:

It's taken over our lives.

With a matter of only a few days before the Into the Woods show, we wanted to share some exclusive images with you. Not long ago, we were able to sneak into Chris Appelhans’ studio to see his creativity in motion. Below are a few photos that we were able to snap during our visit.

Don't forget that the show is this coming Saturday, June 14. Chris Appelhans, Kazu Kibuishi, and Robert Kondo will be present. Plus, The Modlins will be entertaining us with their oldies-influenced indie pop. Admission is free and the event should be a lot of fun for all ages.Hope to see you there!

This beautiful creature arrived today.

This recent addition to YouTube was a graduation project created by a design/advertising student named Erik Nordenankar at Beckmans College of Design. It is well-edited and produced.

However, despite what the video suggests, the project was not actually realized although the concept is sound and furthers the idea of how a drawing can be made. You can check out his website here:

Serendipitously, another well-designed website had a similar idea but slightly different approach. I recommend checking out this site and poking around as it offers some great humor by the likes of a character named Stavros.

Deeply sorry to all those who've come by the store today and yesterday only to notice that we were closed--but some super exciting stuff is going down in our lil' gallery & store! A film crew has turned Nucleus inside-out for the movie The People I've Slept With. The immense size of a film crew is just astonishing! Some of our staff has also been asked to be extras (Ben even has a small line), so it is definitely not your average gallery day!

* Nucleus staff with CSI actor Archie Kao and Wilson Cruz of My-So-Called-Life fame.

Click here for more photos of our day!