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Here's a rare glimpse inside the pages of Seductive Espionage: The Wold of Yuki 7.

You can pre-order a signed copy of the book now through the Nucleus store or be sure to stop by this Friday for Seductive Espionage Art Exhibition & Book Release party where Kevin Dart and a few friends will be on hand to personally sign copies!

For all you Photoshop users out there (which I'm guessing is a very, very high percentage), you might find this window into the past interesting. Check out the splash screens, toolbars, and panel sets from the earliest alpha to the current version. Memory lane! I remember the magicalness of 2.5 and 3.0 particularly well from my childhood... how about you guys?

Click the image above for a larger view.

The artist's largest mural to date, William Stout's "All Creatures Great and Small" (pictured above) resides at the San Diego Natural History Museum and measures in at a staggering 14'H x 34'W featuring a collection of sea life from 2 millon years ago congregating about a fish bait ball in San Diego's Pliocene Bay.  The key figure being a newly discovered prehistoric relative of a fin whale (depicted at half it's believed size) bellowing in to garner most of the prize feast.

The project began with preliminary pencil drawings presented to the SDNHM and eventually a quarter-scale oil painting (measuring 42"H x 102" - which is almost a mural in itself) before proceeding with the finished work in all of its captivating beauty.  The bait ball itself took approximately a week to complete as the artist painstakingly rendered each sardine, anchovy, and herring with intricate detail.

For the first time, the quarter-scale of this masterwork will be on display for the viewing public.

Join us Saturday, June 27 (today) from 2 to 6 for a special presentation from the artist William Stout as he covers many aspects of his career from cinema promotion, film and concept design, paleoart, and much much (much) more.  The artist will also be signing his book "Prehistoric Life Murals".

The exhibit at Nucleus will feature two quarter-scale murals (including the one above) as well as several other works from the Prehistoric and Antarctica projects for which the well-respected artist is known.  We hope that you'll join us for this exciting all-ages event.  For more details click here

We just released a David Jien print! Purchase one here.

Today, we were honored to visit William Stout's home and studio to pick up some pieces for this Saturday's event. I was amazed to say the least. After talking to William, I had no idea that he had done so much...most of which he will talk about in his powerpoint presentation this Saturday from 2-4pm.

Here are just some of the interesting things I saw from my visit.

(Peruvian mummified head with hair still intact)

(mummified egyptian hand)

(life size T-Rex head)

(living room filled with books and art)

ps. We were all shocked and saddened by MJ's death. I personally was a big fan and was looking forward to a possible comeback. You will be missed...

The work for this show is looking amazing! There are now 20 artists in the show. With so much cool stuff we are working to entice you even more to come to the show on opening night...

We are having a FREE RAFFLE GIVE AWAY on Opening Night!

-First 500 people will receive a free raffle ticket at the door.
-Winning numbers will be called out hourly at 8, 9, 10 and 11pm.
-Prizes include free Books, Shirts, Doll Postcard Sets and other great surprises.

*News Update: DJ Cyrano and Special Agent Lotus will be providing the tunes on opening night. They will be spinning classic spy music as well as other lounge favorites. So come hang out with us, check out some artwork and enjoy a free cocktail.

Throughout his career, William Stout has garnered a multitude of accomplishments.  Winner of many notable awards including gold and silver from the Society of Illustrators, Stout's work has been featured in more than 70 exhibits including over a dozen solo showings.  The artist has carved out a place in history as a respected illustrator and fantasy artist contributing to entertainment and film design as well as being recognized as a leading visionary in paleontological art.

With advertising for over 120 films under his belt, Stout has also offered his talents behind the scenes as well.  He served as production designer (the youngest in film history) on Return of the Living Dead.  He worked on storyboards for Raiders of the Lost Ark and Michael Jackson's Thriller video.  He was key designer on Pan's Labyrinth and also contributed to both Conan films, Masters of the Universe, and 2006's The Prestige.  And remember the big bug "Edgar" in Men in Black?  Stout designed him too.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Speaking of which, Stout has even researched the life of Antarctica resulting in his largest exhibit to date (with over 50 works), "Dinosaurs, Penguins & Whales: William Stout's Antarctica" in which he worked to inform the public of the beauty of this region in part as an effort to make Antarctica the first World Park.

On the topic of parks, Stout worked for Walt Disney Imagineering as conceptualist and designer for Euro Disneyland, Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, Walt Disney World.  He was also a designer for the private Neverland Ranch.

You may have seen Stout's murals at the San Diego Natural History Museum and Disney's Animal Kingdom.  His murals are on permanent display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Museum of the Rockies among others.

In 1981, Stout's masterwork "The Dinosaurs: A Fantastic New View of a Lost Era" was released setting the path for later illustrative work which inspired the animated feature Land Before Time and Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park for which Stout was chosen to work on the prime-time animated series.  Comic Images released "William Stout's Lost Worlds" trading card sets (which have sold over 20 million copies to date).  His work was included in the six-year touring exhibit "Dinosaurs Past and Present" stopping at the Smithsonian Institute and the American Museum of Natural History.

Join us this Saturday, for a deeper look into the inspiring work of this remarkable talent.  In addition to a presentation that will touch on all aspects of his career including his film work, comics, fantasy art and movie posters, Stout will also be signing his book "Prehistoric Life Murals."  It is a rare opportunity to see original work on display including quarter-scale mural pieces as long as 9 feet in length and preliminary works illustrating the process involved behind his massive masterpieces.  (We also have a small stock of limited edition "Prehistoric Life Murals" books available.)

Event Details:
Saturday, June 27
2 pm to 6 pm
Free Admission

Book Pre-Order Available:
If you won't be able to attend, you can purchase a signed copy of "Prehistoric Life Murals" here

This is a great installation film currently on display at the Standard Hotel in NY.

Civilization by Marco Brambilla from CRUSH on Vimeo.


Read more about the making of this video here:

Pixar grants dying girls wish - just in time.
Sweet and sad.

Join us this coming Thursday, June 25 for the Closing Reception of the Bob Peak exhibition. One final look at this most impressive collection by a legendary artist. We will welcome the artist's son, Tom Peak, who will lead a tour of the exhibit as he discusses his father's legacy and facts behind the featured work.

Additional work not featured in the current exhibit (such as the "Black Stallion" piece above) will also be on display for the Closing Reception including a rarely seen "Apocalypse Now" piece. In addition, an expert in artwork reproduction (Richard Trimarchi) will explain the techniques behind the giclee process as many of the works featured in the exhibit are available as limited editions.

Even if you've already seen the exhibit, there is more to see and learn during this enjoyable and enriching event.

Closing Reception:
Thursday, June 25
6 to 9 pm
Free Admission   

After hearing their in-studio session on KCRW, I have been listening to this Swedish band for the past week almost non-stop. It's hard for me to classify Miike Snow, and maybe I shouldn't try, but either way give them a listen. My favorite song is the one below (Sylvia). Check out their myspace for more music.

Here is preview of James Jean's Kindling: 12 Removable Prints.The posters are 12" by 16" printed on thick poster stock, with sketches on the back of the poster.

In April, Gallery Nucleus presented Jab Strong Fierce. Thanks to all of the Street Fighter fans, it was a great success.

Now Nucleus will be hosting a Street Fighter-themed, Photoshop Painting Demo featuring the talented Khang Le and Anthony Francisco on Sunday, June 28 (6 - 10pm)

• Both artists will get suggestions from the audience on what to paint based on the theme of: A New Street Fighter Level and Character
• Attendees will be able to ask the artists questions
• Their progress will be projected on the wall for viewers to see
• If you have never seen these two guys paint, it is highly inspiring and entertaining whether you are an artist yourself or an avid fan.  It's almost magical.

Seats are limited.  Save $20 by registering before June 24.

Purchase tickets in-person or online here

Samples of Khang Le's work (artist's site):

Samples of Anthony Francisco's work (artist's blog):

Moki creates art of various styles and mediums including comics and even film, but where she excels is in her exquisite paintings where she juxtaposes unusual elements of nature. You are never sure what surprises you will encounter in her remote, photo-realistic landscapes. In Moki's world, serene environments engulf and interact with human life and often house surreal and mythical creatures, yet all is calm and there is tranquillity in each.

We are excited to announce the release of this strikingly beautiful limited edition (pictured above), signed and numbered by the artist. It is a timeless image. A focal piece from her recent solo exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.  View more details here

The works pictured below are just a taste of Moki's creative caliber.  View more works on her site here

View her original works featured at Gallery Nucleus here

I've posted about tilt-shift photography before, and my appreciation for the art continues. Well this little short combines this method with one of my favorite cities. Enjoy!

Japan has made a life size Gundam for its 30th anniversary. How cool is this? Look at that sweet Gundam ass.

For more pictures, explanations and links on

Pssst....If you don't yet know, our My Fair Lady Benefit Auction has been extended!
You still have the chance to own the exclusive, one-of-a-kind reproduction of the infamous "My Fair Lady" movie poster. Print measures 40" X 60" and was generously donated by the Bob Peak Estate with all proceeds going towards Audrey Hepburn Cildren's Fund.

Auction ends June 25, 2009 at 9:00pm PST. See the print & bid HERE.

I found this artist randomly and was inspired by all the multi-media and photography work they do. Some bizarre, some beautiful all worth clicking through...

The animation on the home page is the best...I wish it was a screen saver.

Found this site a while back. Some people may think this is slightly mean spirited but I simply see it as a goldmine for character reference. The second image looks just like a friend of mine but ten years younger.


I recently saw this Louis Vuitton video by Murakami. It has similar themes to his previous Super Flat Monogram short (shown on the bottom) but this one has more CG, a bit more narrative and just as colorful as always. Which one do you guys like better?

My Milk Toof is a super cute blog about the simple shinanigans of Ickle and Lardee, sure to bring a smile to yor face!

Through good times and bad times illustrator, graphic novelist, and noted educator Barron Storey has recorded his life with the illustrations in his journals.  By capturing subtleties in pictures and illustrating the impossible to illustrate, his thoughts and experiences come to life on these magnificent pages.  The journals are an example and source for anyone interested in the delicate art of making pictures communicate and the illustrator's process.

Beginning in 1975, Storey's journals have explored such ominous themes as political corruption, repression, sexual aggression and civil conflict.  He considers his journals to be "a daily recording of happenings" and "the eternal flow from a particular point of view.  Things seen, things thought, things felt....experience captured."  Since then, the artist's work has appeared in TIME, National Geographic, The Saturday Review and is permanently on display at the National Air and Space Museum, The American Museum of Natural History, and the National Portrait Gallery.

Life After Black: The Visual Journals of Barron Storey
June 10 - July 31
Opening Reception: Friday, June 12 (6:30 - 11pm)
128 East 63rd Street
New York, NY 10065

Barron Storey Lecture:
Storey will also be conducting a lecture on his Journals, illustration work, and more on Tuesday, June 16 (6 - 9 pm).  Learn more here

View Storey's works featured at Gallery Nucleus here

Check out the new Mountain Dew commercial Josh Cochran and Augenblick Studios created. His drawings were colored and vectorized, inbetweened, basically cell animated. Very nice.

Needless to say, things are pretty hectic around here as we count down the hours to one of Nucleus' biggest shows to date!! We are so extrememly honored and humbled to bring you this massive retrospectic of work by the legendary Bob Peak.

Over 50 originals will be exhibited alongside rare, Limited Edition giclées including a world premier of the new collection of Limited Editions.

There's soo much that can be said about Bob Peak, with numerous accolades, awards, and the sheer volume of work he's created in the fields of film, fashion, publishing, etc. the only way to truly understand his influence is to see his works in person. We hope to see you tommorow night 7PM-11PM! Or stop by anytime during our regular business hours.


The crates opened and our excitement grew...There are so many pieces, almost all large and all amazing to see in person. It’s such a surreal experience to be able to handle and hang images that are so much a part of American culture and entertainment history.  Here are a few photos to help you live this excitement with us.  We will have a few more sneak peaks on Friday.  Keep checking back!

Don't forget...

We will be releasing a FREE CAMELOT POSTER available to those who attend the opening reception this Saturday (limited quantities).

Just read a good interview with Kevin Dart on

Check it out for yourself.