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Here's just a sampling of what to expect for John Watkiss' Solo Exhibition which starts this Saturday. Original and rarely-seen artwork from Watkiss' career in animation, comic books, film and fine art will all be on display for one-week only, so make sure to stop by!

Also, Lines and Colors just wrote a great post about Mr. Watkiss and his career:

Untitled, Sketch #19
| Pen & ink | 11" x 8.5"

Amelia #2
| Marker, graphite and colored pencil | 18" x 14"

Fabric of Time | Acrylic | 24" x 18"

Untitled Sketch | Graphite | 24" x 18"

Edwin Ushiro | gradiently everything would sparkle from the sea to the stars | Mixed Media | 30" x 63" | $5500

Our friend, Edwin Ushiro, has been making waves with his second solo exhibit entitled While Tides Guide You Back Home now featured at project:gallery. The direction of the work is inspired by the artist's feelings of regret and remorse for leaving his native Hawaii. Often wondering how life would have been different had he remained on Maui, Ushiro explores childhood memories while portraying them through dreamlike sequences where he re-writes and re-interprets these moments in his life.


Edwin Ushiro | in the end she would love him beyond confines of skin, for flesh would surely rot, only to leave behind the story of unconditional predilection | Mixed Media | 40" x 31" | $3500

The works are a cohesive series of multimedia paintings in which Ushiro utilizes some truly unique artistic techniques, a fusion of traditional and digital. Ushiro incorporates paint, ink, iron transfers, fabric and other materials into his work in order to achieve the desired effect. This unique combination of emotion and techniques has turned Ushiro into one of the most buzz-worthy emerging artists working today.

You still have time to see his current exhibit before it concludes on August 9th.

You can see additional work from Ushiro as well as his first solo at Gallery Nucleus here.

Junko Mizuno | Kappa Lady Botan | Acrylic on canvas | 18" x 36" | $4500

Junko Mizuno's latest work is currently showcased at Portland's MOSHi MOSHi.  Mizuno is well-known for her kawaii noir (darkly cute) drawing style captured in her popular manga as well as her work exhibited at Nucleus and Merry Karnowsky galleries.  Her solo show at MOSHi MOSHi finds the artist drawing influences from popular Japanese folklore.  Kappa are legendary mischievous water sprites often depicted with tortoise-like shells, thick scaly skin, and beaked faces.  Cavities atop their heads are filled with water and are said to be their vulnerable spot for when it is dry, they lose energy.  Kappa are popular in a lot of Japanese comics, animation, TV commercials and more.  They are loved by people as cute characters despite the fact that they are rumored to drag humans into the water to fulfill their appetite for human entrails - their favorite delicacy second only to cucumbers!

Junko Mizuno | Miki with Guts | Acrylic on Japanese paper | 10" x 8" | $300

MOSHi MOSHi has recently moved to an improved location and owner Billy Galaxy tells me that they specialize in a variety of Japanese and Japanese-inspired items including vintage & modern toys, t-shirts, handbags, and more.  The Kappa Show runs through August 5th.  Additional images can be found online at

View more of Junko Mizuno's featured work at Nucleus here

Michael Brown | Red Puss, White Milk | Acrylic on Canvas | 20" x 20"

The reprise of our first Systema Naturae is only days away and aptly titled Submerged.  With the same talented roster of artists (including newcomer Ver Mar), the show promises to showase an impressive collection of work portraying the link between humans and water.  Below is a sampling of what you will find at the show.

We hope to see you at the Opening Reception this Saturday, July 12.  You can learn more about the show and artists here.

Sunken in the deepest waters.
Swallowed by the sea.
Open your eyes to murky visions
of creatures rarely seen.

Jaime Zollars | Hydra | Acrylic on Paper | 2.5" x 2.5" (Plus sketches of pieces featured in the show)

In the same token that water is life-giving,
it also can bring great struggle for humankind.

Andrea Offermann | Lorelei | Mixed Media

The Lorelei is a rock on the eastern bank of the Rhine near St. Goarshausen, Germany (where Andrea Offermann currently resides).  The rock soars nearly 400 feet above the waterline.  It marks the narrowest part of the river between Switzerland and the North Sea.  A very strong current and rocks below the waterline have caused many boat accidents there.

Freida Gossett | Hammerhead | Tooled Leather | 11" x 17" x 43"


Ver Mar | Chymera I: Sea Rhino | Clay & Acrylic | 20" x 11"


This is pretty amazing–an elephant painting another elephant (and flower). This is most likely a learned/trained/repeated painting, but amazing nonetheless. They have over 4000 muscles in their trunks, making them incredibly articulate and precise–they just need to be handed the brushes, pre-dipped with paint. You wanna know what I think? Elephants can cry, and that is why they can paint. 

French artist and friend of the gallery Adolie Day is organizing a very sweet drawing competition for kids! This contest is reserved for KIDS ONLY ages 0 - 12. The subject? BUTTERFLIES.

So have the lil' talented ones draw, paint, collage, and just simply create art on the subject of butterflies and get those entries in by July 30, 2008. You can send images of the artwork to her via email (adolie at neuf dot fr) or by USPS.

* Please note that original artwork may not be returned.

There will be very cool and special prizes for 3 lucky winners! One of which I'm sure will include Adolie's wonderful merchandise.

(From left to right: Jon Klassen, Chris Appelhans, and Israel Sanchez)

Earlier today, Nucleus artist Chris Appelhans dropped by our office to conduct an interview with his friends and Nucleus artists Jon Klassen, Israel Sanchez, Scott Campbell, and Graham Annable. Jon and Israel came by in person, and we talked to Scott and Graham over skype, where the two were sitting at Graham's house in Portland. 

Hilarity ensued, along with some good old fashioned artist question-and-answers. The interview will be one of many goodies included in the Great Great Grandshow catalog coming out in September. Don't forget to check out the opening reception for their show on August 16!

Also, if you're in the Portland area, Scott's having a two-person show at The Pony Club with Daria Tessler called Mystical Scrimshaw and Sunken Castle running from July 3-31. The reception is this Thursday from 6-10pm.