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I didn't really listen to or knew much about My Morning Jacket before this clip of them performing in the Black Cab Sessions. Its quite nice.

The video was introduced to me by the talented Seb Mesnard.

Designer Steven Cullen created this great wallet design which is made to resemble a spring mattress.  From the surface texture to the mattress edges, Cullen has executed his mimickry with excellent precision and attention to detail.  The tagline for the product is, "Less risky than the stock market and more mobile than your mattress at home, the Mattress Wallet is the savvy investor's choice."  The association between the mattress and the wallet comes from post-Great Depression era where conscious city urbanites would store their money under their mattresses for safe keeping.  I appreciate the historical reference as well as careful craftsmanship. 

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I posted a few weeks back about the Beatles Rock Band intro in which two of my favorite artists Ronald Kurniawan and Robert Valley worked on. Just saw this recent image below posted by Alberto Mieglo .

here is a link to my original post with the intro:

Sophie Blackall's Missed Connections is an interesting concept.  It employs user generated material from the infamous "Missed Connections" page on Craigslist and provides illustrations for them.  I really enjoy works of this nature, they really make viewers empathize with messages that would otherwise have been looked over--a parallel between the work and the curation of Post Secret is worth mentioning.  The illustrations themselves are very sensitive pieces, with an amazing breadth for capturing the serendipitous circumstances of chance encounters.  


Thanks to the people at FILTER Magazine we will be giving away free copies of Issue # 37 which interviews Spike Jonze

There will be several artists in attendance for this show. One of which will be Corey Godbey, the creator of the TYE site. He will be doing some live drawing in the gallery and we invite everyone to join in on the fun the night of the show.


Preparing for the Terrible Yellow Eyes Show: Anticipate the package, open with glee, take a moment to appreciate, and repeat...easily one of the funnest parts of the job. Already very impressed by the work, everyone here nods when I say "It would be a shame for people not to see this" Thanks to Cory Godbey. We tip our hats to you, Mr. Sendak.

You can win the painting below! During the night of the opening, we will be raffling off this original piece titled "King Max" by artist Jake Parker. Raffle tickets are only $10 and come with a free print of the work. Winner will be announced at the end of the night and online.

In an age where digital art is championing print and graphic arts, it seems that traditional mediums have lost their prominence in media.  Yet there are still artists that have an affinity for both platforms an the kinds of cross-creative production that results in the application of both.  Japanese artist, Kazuki Takamatsu is one of them.  Clearly influenced by 3-dimensional vector and gradient work the works as well as Japanese graphic archetypes, what you see before you isn't digital it’s gouache.  The works are haunting images of lucid eroticized Manga characters rendered in a way that strips them of their humanity.  The figures in Takamatsu’s work are mannequin-like and it is as if they have left their digital realm for the first time experiencing the freedom of vice.

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I rather like these illustrations my Russian artist, Sergey Ryzhov.  They have a surreal, very site specific quality about them. The splash of red that Ryzhov incorporates in his images are vibrant against the pale neutrality of his winterscapes.  I've never been to Russia, but I feel like these works have been influence by the culture and its folklore. 

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Clearly, this can't be the real Damien Hirst blogging so I hope You Got To Love Art! doesn't get shut down anytime soon.
The descriptions kill me! It's bitting commentary on the artist and the ambiguity of the modern art world and its nothing short of funny.
All works are also all available for only 1 euro!

Some favorite works include:

"The fear of becoming fat expressed in the joy of being colorful"

"49 peanut M&M's of green, orange, blue, brown, yellow and red color which are sold in a mostly yellow bag on which it also writes that "To avoid suffocation, keep bags away from babies, young children and pets." that I bought at a gas station on my way to the train station where my mother was waiting for me on a white plastic windowsill" on a photograph

"Thoughts on eternal life by someone living a mundane life in a tiny flat"

"A physical presence of a not too typically looking ladybug which I found dead in my room a few days back and remembered that I probably saw it perfectly alive a few days before that when I even wondered what was a ladybug doing in my room and how did she got inside it since I mostly keep my windows closed and I don't have any flowers on a white plastic windowsill" on a photograph

For those of us that are not as musically inclined these music machines are a fun way to feel musical: