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Creature designer extraordinaire Casey Love has been working in the film industry for a little more than a decade.  His attention to realistic detail demonstrates that he is a true master of the craft. 

Love has worked on films Wolverine, The Messengers, Resident Evil Extinction, and alongside the acclaimed Rick Baker for the upcoming Men in Black 3.  He uses latex as his medium as he designs and creates high-end mask art for collectors.  He has also worked with some of the best studios in the FX business such as A.D.I and Tatopoulos Studios.  We are featuring a dynamic original work by the artist in our current Mountains of Madness exhibit.

His illustrations depict his love for all things bizarre and macabre; we are honored to host works of Jeff Remmer for tomorrow’s opening of the Mountains of Madness exhibit.  It all started with the earliest drawing he can remember: a crayon piece of a dragon breathing fire on a hillside neighborhood done when he was five.   Since then he has looked to magazines Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella and his mother’s love of sci-fi and horror movies as inspiration.


Being a fan of Lovecraft since high school, he has been creating artwork based on his writings ever since.  His experience includes creating illustrations for various publications, card companies, as well as video game companies.  Mountains of Madness opens tomorrow at 7 pm.  See here for the contributing artists.

To our delight, we will once again be featuring the work of uber-talented Jeremy Enecio for this Saturday's Mountains of Madness exhibit.  Enecio is the mastermind behind the quintessential Cthulhu image we've been using to spread word of the exhibit.  We are offering the Cthulhu image as a gicleé print during the opening.

The artist has illustrated for Playboy and Mens Health among others. His strength partly lies in his ability to capture the likenesses of many celebrities and characters without being strictly imitative. While his subject matter is primarily figurative, Enecio shows his versatility by incorporating metamorphic, surrealistic elements into his compositions. His dramatic treatment of light and shade in his figures and caricatures is to be marveled at in person.

We've also just released this signed limited edition gicleé reproduction of his impressive contribution to our Zombies in Love exhibit earlier this year.  Details here

Using a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and ZBrush, Android Jones is true digital artist who appropriates the tools available to him. While many artists use digital tools to imitate the appearance of traditional art mediums, Jones deviates from this path, in favor of an evolving artistic process that cannot be replicated with traditional mediums. Pushing the limits of digital art tools, Jones paints with customized textured brushes, adjusts light and color with filters, distorts images by skewing and stretching, and layers geometric forms on top of his figurative subject matter.  Jones is contributing work for this Saturday's tribute to horror writer HP Lovecraft.  Learn more here

Here is a video demonstration of his process: