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A big thank you to all the artists and visitors who came to the opening of our "Lovers, Dreamers, and Me" exhibition! No frets if you couldn't make it to the opening, The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me is ongoing until January 2, 2012, but that date will come in no time with the holiday frenzy so be sure to drop by before it comes down. If you're one of many who hasn't finished... or started Christmas shopping, stop by our store - we're carrying some Henson merchandise that would make good gifts for the Henson or art fanatic. Finally, we can also share with you Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowle's video installation:

Sesamefest 2011 from Isobel Knowles on Vimeo.

Thank you again for your continued support throughout this year and have a safe and warm holiday everyone!

Today is the day our much anticipated Jim Henson Tribute opens! Please join us in celebrating the life and legacy of Jim Henson with fellow Henson fanatics and art enthusiasts. Our opening came so fast we apologize that we didn't have a chance to showcase every artist and piece on the blog, but be sure to check out the preview or pay a visit to see all the artwork in its wonderous glory. Tonight's exhibition would not have been possible without the friendly cooperation of all our artists and dedicated staff at Nucleus to whom we owe a HUGE thank you!

Tonight's opening reception highlights include:

• Hourly Raffle Prizes
• Meet with exhibiting artists
• Live Holiday & Henson Tunes by Kwortet
• Complimentary cupcakes by Chwa Cupcakery
• Complimentary refreshments
• Celebrate the season with fellow art lovers
• Shop unique gifts for those on your gift list

One of our raffle prizes is an official Movie Poster from the recent Muppets Movie, generously donated by Fandango!

Finally, to give you one last impression of the exhibit, check out this fun little teaser trailer we put together. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Kevin Thangchaipinyokul for the video production.

Stay with us even after the opening for a recap of all the madness from tonight!

If you have an appreciation for pop culture and the illustrated arts as well as a passion for retail and customer service, then this is the ideal position for you. We are in search of a professional person to assist with our boutique.

We are looking for a good person that understands the demands of the retail environment and can work part-time on a consistent schedule.

PRIMARY DUTIES include assisting the store manager with the following:
-Inventory control
-Researching products
-Sales analysis
-Visual merchandising
-Customer service
-Web store management

Learn more about the position here

We bring you two more Los-Angeles based artists, Michelle Thies and Ian Abando, both illustrators for the film and animation industry. Michelle Thies reinvents Henson's "Rainbow Connection" not as you might expect. She presents a Brady Bunch tiled view of a diverse group of Henson characters resembling Jim Henson in his signature beard and titles her piece, "The Rainbeard Connection," for obvious reasons: 

Meanwhile, Ian introduces us to his comical approach of what a Jim Henson reunion might be like... 

Capital A - for Awkward. Ian shares with us that his "main focus is to bring ideas and storytelling to the forefront of art" and that "as long as people are interested, or entertained I feel I've done my job." With his envisioned Henson reunion, he surely achieved just that! 

Stick around as we scurry about on our end to set up for The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me opening reception that's already tomorrow night - we still have some surprises to share! Don't forget our online preview will go live tonight, so sign up for exclusive access to more detailed images of the featured artwork, pricing and dimensions. 

Check out our recent TV spot on KTLA and learn about some of the hot holiday items we're offering! Thank you Chris Burrous and Mary Beth McDade, hosts of the KTLA Weekend Morning Show, for this wonderful opportunity!

Today we've got Becky Dreistadt's latest piece for "The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me" featuring Sir Didymus and Ambrosius of Labyrinth. Like many of Becky's works,the piece is rendered with bright and clean-cut colors, a careful application of guache and ink. Both Didymus smugness and Ambrosius' curiosity are captured perfectly through their expressions and postures.  

Stay Tuned!

Here we are - the home stretch before the opening of The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me. To start the week, Jeni Yang a.k.a. "JEYA," is our featured artist who brings another wave of personality to our already diverse collection of art. With acrylic on wood she depicts a young one sporting a Kermit hood about to enjoy a slice of cake. The soft pattern overlay with the woodgrain still apparent beneath is a nice touch and if you're curious why the Kermit hood is about to eat a slice of cake, your guess is as good as ours. Whatever the reason, it's enough mystery to want more of JEYA... and cake.


Speaking of cake, get your cupcake fix at opening reception with some delicious treats by Chwa Cupcakery, our generous, local sponsor. You won't go  hungry at this show with sweets to tame your hunger and plenty of art to satisfy your visual appetite. See you there!

Los Angeles-based Mike Mitchell, who might be better known as "Sir Mitchell" to some, calls himself an artist and cat enthusiast among other things. Mike is one of those artists who makes an impression not just with his notable aesthetic but with his quick wit and sense of humor that is evident in most of his work. Mike didn't need an invitation to a Jim Henson Tribute to cue his love for Henson because he's been a fan for so long, but since our preparation for The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me he's been genuinely thrilled to take part and that sentiment has been more than mutual. We're excited to welcome Sir Mitchell and all three pieces he contributes, which have been gaining monumental recognition through his twitter and blog...and rightly so.

Oscar the Grouch takes on a new persona with his suited-up look (now we finally know what he looks like outside his trashcan home!) and the roles reverse as Kermit practices his puppeteering with mini Jim Henson. Mike has yet one more piece of Cookie Monster in a rather calm, unfamiliar state that you'll have to be at our opening reception to see alongside these sharp pieces.

To get a feel for more of Sir Mitchell's work and exhibitions browse his site and then wander over to his entertaining blog where I guarantee - what you thought has been 10 minutes passed, has actually turned into your whole day. Enjoy!

Today, Jared Andrew Schorr is our featured artist for The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me. If his work looks familiar to you, you might recognize him from our Harry Potter Tribute or perhaps because he's a rising force in the paper cut world. Jared's "Muppet Spectrum" is exactly that - all our favorite Henson muppets in a spectacle of gradating color. Take a closer look and you'll see every angle and curve is clean cut (literally!) and that each little score and cut adds texture to the muppet's skin. What a playful concept to highlight The Muppet and Sesame Street family and to celebrate the true spirit of Henson!

Stay with us for just 9 more days until the opening reception and sign up for our exclusive online preview for a detailed look at all the artwork the night before the opening.