Horoscope Honeys: a Bill Presing Print Set , Bill Presing
Horoscope Honeys: a Bill Presing Print Set


Artist: Bill Presing
Image Width: 13.0" (33.02 cm)
Image Height: 9.0" (22.86 cm)
Width: 14.25" (36.2 cm)
Height: 10.75" (27.31 cm)
Paper Type: Offset
Paper Type: Matte with Spot Varnish
Features: Limited Edition


A collection of 12 astrologically themed prints from artist Bill Presing.  Featuring a design for each of the twelve horoscope signs, these prints are equal parts sexy, cute, and fun!

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Aquarius: The Gamer Girl, Bill Presing
Aquarius: The Gamer Girl

Pisces: The New Age Girl, Bill Presing
Pisces: The New Age Girl

Aries: The Extreme Sports Enthusiast, Bill Presing
Aries: The Extreme Sports Enthusiast

Taurus: The Material Girl , Bill Presing
Taurus: The Material Girl

Gemini: The Multitasker , Bill Presing
Gemini: The Multitasker

Leo: The Center of Attention, Bill Presing
Leo: The Center of Attention

Libra: The Self-Admirer, Bill Presing
Libra: The Self-Admirer

Scorpio: The Secret Agent, Bill Presing
Scorpio: The Secret Agent

Capricorn: The Sexy Business Woman, Bill Presing
Capricorn: The Sexy Business Woman

Horoscope Honeys: a Bill Presing Print Set, Bill Presing
Horoscope Honeys: a Bill Presing Print Set

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