Alice, Mary Blair


Artist: Mary Blair
Exhibition: The Mary Blair Print Collection
Image Width: 6.5" (16.51 cm)
Image Height: 8.5" (21.59 cm)
Width: 10.5" (26.67 cm)
Height: 12.5" (31.75 cm)
Paper Type: Giclee
Paper Type: Watercolor Paper
Features: Limited Edition(95)


Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Disney Fine Art.


Bandstand, Mary Blair

Bears Playing Cards, Mary Blair
Bears Playing Cards

Boys in Blue, Mary Blair
Boys in Blue

Commuters, Mary Blair

Elephants, Mary Blair

Ice Cream Girl, Mary Blair
Ice Cream Girl

Juice Girl, Mary Blair
Juice Girl

Lemonade Girl, Mary Blair
Lemonade Girl

Maggie Plate, Mary Blair
Maggie Plate

Watermelon Boy, Mary Blair
Watermelon Boy

Wedding Day, Mary Blair
Wedding Day

White Cat, Mary Blair
White Cat

Lemonade Girl (Framed), Mary Blair
Lemonade Girl (Framed)

Watermelon Boy (Framed), Mary Blair
Watermelon Boy (Framed)

Wedding Day (Framed), Mary Blair
Wedding Day (Framed)

CYCLOPS PRINTWORKS: Mulan, Samurai Style (silkscreen), Cyclops Print Works / Disney Fine Art
CYCLOPS PRINTWORKS: Mulan, Samurai Style (silkscreen)

Santa Quintet, Mary Blair
Santa Quintet

Children's Choir (print), Mary Blair
Children's Choir (print)

Santa and his Elves (print), Mary Blair
Santa and his Elves (print)

Three Santas (print), Mary Blair
Three Santas (print)