Cici's Journal: Lost and Found, Aurélie Neyret
Cici's Journal: Lost and Found


Artist: Aurélie Neyret
Width: 6.61" (16.79 cm)
Height: 8.83" (22.43 cm)
Depth: 0.87" (2.21 cm)
ISBN: 9781250763402
Pages: 240


Everyone has secrets, but no one can hide them from Cici!

As a future writer, Cici knows what questions to ask and where to find the clues she needs to unlock peoples’ hearts. Yet even though Cici is great at helping others, for a long time now she has kept a dark and painful secret hidden inside herself.

Cici’s friends and mom all want to help her heal, but she keeps pushing them away. Can a treasure hunt, a mysterious mansion, and an epic beachside fight help her to open up at last?



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