Blood Moon Ball - A Farewell to Mewni

Blood Moon Ball - A Farewell to Mewni

April 6, 2019

Apr 6, 5:00PM - 9:00PM

In celebration of the finale of Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, we are proud to host a special one night only event with creator Daron Nefcy and various voice talents from the show. Only 150 guests will be allowed. Get your ticket now!


  • Daron Nefcy

SIGNING (6pm - 7:30pm)

  • Daron and other voice actors (to be announced) will be present to greet guests and sign Star related items. 
  • To be eligible for the signing, please purchase signing tickets above.
  • Attendees with signing tickets must arrive by 5pm to purchase signing merchandise.

BLOOD MOON BALL (7pm - 10pm)

  • Come in costume, and be ready to dance!
  • All attendees will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize pack of Star related goods!
  • Blood punch and light snacks will be served.

COSTUME CONTEST (~8:30pm - 9pm)
  • Anyone with a  Star Vs. Forces of Evil themed costume may enter the contest. 
  • There will be a registration list at the front register the day of the event.
  • It is FREE to enter the contest.
  • Each costumed contestant will have 30 seconds to walk across the stage, or do an impression or skit.
  • There will be 4 winners selected at the end of the night (9ish).
  • A king and queen (18 or older) as well as a prince and princess (17 or younger) will be selected.
  • The winners will be selected by Daron and various voice actors, with some help from attendees.
  • The winners will recieve a free custom made King Ludo crown!


  • New and original art by the creatives behind Star will be on display in our upstairs gallery April 6 and 7 only.
  • Come see the first drawing of Star by Daron that started it all
  • Photo Ops
  • Dedication Wall


  • Limited Edition Prints, art and more...

210 E. Main Street
Alhambra, CA 91801

Parking structures can be found all along Main St. See Map below

Daron Nefcy
Amelia Lorenz
Becky Dreistadt
Drake Brodahl
Kari Casady
Kayla k. Jones
Lynn Wang
Maryam Sefati
Rachelle Reyes
Sabrina Cotugno

Disney Fine ArtCyclops Print Works, and Oh My Disney.

Disney Fine Art: @DisneyFineArtCollection
Cyclops Print Works: @CyclopsPrints
Nucleus: @GalleryNucleus

Magical Mewni, Maryam Sefati
Magical Mewni

Friendship Nachos, Kayla Jones
Friendship Nachos

Magical Ladies, Amelia Lorenz
Magical Ladies

Star the Butterfly, Kari Alyse Casady
Star the Butterfly

Eclipsa's Invitation, Sabrina Cotugno
Eclipsa's Invitation

Star , Becky Dreistadt

Star Vs The Universe, Rachelle Jennifer Reyes
Star Vs The Universe

Star, Lynn Wang

Whatever Ludo, Daron Nefcy
Whatever Ludo

Rebel Princess & Safe Kid, Daron Nefcy
Rebel Princess & Safe Kid

Hi Star, Daron Nefcy
Hi Star

Ludo Strikes, Daron Nefcy
Ludo Strikes

Friends Forever, Daron Nefcy
Friends Forever

Party at Kelly's!, Daron Nefcy
Party at Kelly's!

Star Butterfly, Daron Nefcy
Star Butterfly


Some artwork may be paid for in installments. Please for details.

Event Exclusives

Wish Upon a Star(print), Drake Brodahl
Wish Upon a Star(print)

In the Cards (print), Maryam Sefati
In the Cards (print)

A Shining Star (print), Becky Dreistadt
A Shining Star (print)

Eclipsa's Invitation (print), Sabrina Cotugno
Eclipsa's Invitation (print)

Friendship Nachos (print), Kayla Jones
Friendship Nachos (print)

Magical Ladies (print), Amelia Lorenz
Magical Ladies (print)