May 16, 2020 - May 31, 2020
May 16, 6:00PM - 9:00PM
4 days left

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**NOTE: Due to the ongoing situation with COVID - 19, there will not be an opening reception for this show. Instead the show will open online. All pieces will be available beginning May 16th at midnight, or 12 AM on the 17th.**

Gallery Nucleus and MerMay creator Tom Bancroft are excited to announce the first ever official MerMay art show! 

Featuring more artists than you can shake your tailfins at, this show is sure to be a bubbly delight for all ages. 
Opening : May 16th
  • Introducing the first Mermaid of the Year enamel MerMay pin, designed by artist Pernille Orum!
  • Pre-orders of the very first official MerMay art book will be availble for a limited time, ending June 1st
  • Exclusive art prints as well as other exclusive items will be released!

Featured artists:
Tom Bancroft
Neysa Bove
Alina Chau
Jenna Gray
Vanessa Gillings
Marie-Alice Harel
Amber Aki Huang
Liana Hee
Sunmee Joh
Bryce Kho
Celine Kim
Eileen Kai Hing Kwan
Kristin Kwan
Tiffany Le
Mindy Lee
Ashley Lovett
Sibylline Meynet
Junko Mizuno
Manelle Oliphant 
Pernille Orum 
Karoline Pietrowski 
Whitney Pollet
Brigitte Roka
Meike Schneider 

Annie Stegg

Genevieve Tsai 
Crystal-Jade Vaughan
Erin Vest
Michelle Wong

MerMay 2020 is sponsored by Wacom!

Event Exclusives

Mermay Charity (print)

Mermaid of the Year 2020 - Pernille Orum


Mermaid's Dance (print)


Mealtime (print)


At the Fair (print)


MerMay 2020 by Tom Bancroft Pre-order