Newt, Wesley Burt


Wesley Burt was born and raised in Kansas City, KS and has been drawing and painting for the majority of his life. He received a BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 2004, majoring in Drawing with minors in Printmaking and Painting. He currently lives in San Francisco, CA, working with Massive Black, an art studio specializing in concept art and illustration. He continues to pursue his own work showing with various galleries throughout the United States, primarily working with graphite, oils, and other traditional mediums, focusing on a fascination to the human condition.

Artist: Wesley Burt
Exhibition: Lined in Lead: Works In Graphite
Frame Width: 10.25" (26.04 cm)
Frame Height: 13.0" (33.02 cm)
Medium: Graphite
Features: Framed




Old Mess, Wesley Burt
Old Mess

Uncle Doc, Wesley Burt
Uncle Doc

Dad Gloves, Wesley Burt
Dad Gloves

Luchadores, Wesley Burt

Where Angels Go To Die, Michael Zulli
Where Angels Go To Die

Watching Monsters With Her: Below the Surface, Michael Zulli
Watching Monsters With Her: Below the Surface

Tree of Tales, Victoria Williams
Tree of Tales

Nectar, Rodrigo Luff

For Whom He Fights, Cynthia Sheppard
For Whom He Fights

Untitled 6, Shiyoon Kim
Untitled 6

Over The Garden Wall (Wirt) Enamel Pin
Over The Garden Wall (Wirt) Enamel Pin
Baboon, Andrea Blasich

The Lady In The Swamp, Kyla Frank
The Lady In The Swamp

Leon Belmont Portrait (PRINT), Katie Silva
Leon Belmont Portrait (PRINT)

Lindenfeld Heroes (PRINT), Katie Silva
Lindenfeld Heroes (PRINT)

City Lights (PRINT), Jenny Yu
City Lights (PRINT)