Virgo: The Shy Perfectionist, Bill Presing
Virgo: The Shy Perfectionist


Artist: Bill Presing
Exhibition: Horoscope Honeys by Bill Presing: Exhibition & Calendar Release
Art Width: 12.0" (30.48 cm)
Art Height: 17.0" (43.18 cm)
Art Depth: 0.0" (0.0 cm)
Frame Width: 24.25" (61.6 cm)
Frame Height: 18.5" (46.99 cm)
Medium: Concentrated water color/ acrylic
Features: Framed
Year: 2013


Do you have an overabundance of modesty? Would being caught unadorned be the worst possible thing that could happen to you? What's a Pin-up Virgo to do? You love to be clean, you wash and bathe obsessively. A dangerous task when peeping toms are lurking about. No wonder you're emotionally reserved. I'm sure that a practical, intelligent, logically analytical girl like you can figure out a puzzle like that.



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$24.95 $14.95
Horoscope Honeys: a Bill Presing Print Set , Bill Presing
Horoscope Honeys: a Bill Presing Print Set

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