Reincarnate, Drake Brodahl


Artist: Drake Brodahl
Exhibition: Star vs the Forces of Evil Tribute Exhibition
Art Height: 11.0" (27.94 cm)
Art Width: 14.0" (35.56 cm)
Art Depth: 1.0" (2.54 cm)
Medium: Cel vinyl acrylic on wood
Features: Signed
Year: 2017



Quails Alight, Drake Brodahl
Quails Alight

Bird Condo, Drake Brodahl
Bird Condo

Song As Old As Rhyme, Bill Robinson
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Princess of Mewni, Ann Shen
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Raid The Cave (PRINT), Sabrina Cotugno
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Sparkle, Glitter, Rainbow (PRINT) , Pernille Ørum
Sparkle, Glitter, Rainbow (PRINT)

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CYCLOPS PRINTWORKS: Mulan, Samurai Style (silkscreen), Cyclops Print Works / Disney Fine Art
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Wish Upon a Star(print), Drake Brodahl
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....Coo, What A Sight, william mudron
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Skull Rock Island (print), Drake Brodahl
Skull Rock Island (print)