I Miss You, Michelle Romo
I Miss You

Artist: Michelle Romo
Exhibition: Everyday Magic with Crowded Teeth
Medium: Layered cut paper
Features: Framed
Year: 2018




Where The Master Hand Lives, Sachin Teng
Where The Master Hand Lives

Untitled 02, Tian Mang Zi
Untitled 02

It's Ok I Promise (print), Michelle Romo
It's Ok I Promise (print)

I'll Take Care of You - Day (print), Michelle Romo
I'll Take Care of You - Day (print)

I'll Take Care of You - Night (print), Michelle Romo
I'll Take Care of You - Night (print)

Advanced Wizardry, The Little Friends of Printmaking
Advanced Wizardry

Wanderlust, Cuddly Rigor Mortis

Siren's Song Cafe, Leslie Strock
Siren's Song Cafe

Magic Party Arm, Michelle Romo
Magic Party Arm

Plant Hand, Michelle Romo
Plant Hand

I Love You, Michelle Romo
I Love You

Pat Pat, Michelle Romo
Pat Pat

jupiter and the tortoise , philip vose
jupiter and the tortoise

City and Girls (PRINT), Shintaro Kago
City and Girls (PRINT)

Unknown Orbit (PRINT), Heikala
Unknown Orbit (PRINT)

Song (PRINT), Beatrice Blue
Song (PRINT)