Moray Eel, Samantha Mash
Moray Eel


Artist: Samantha Mash
Exhibition: Oceans & Currents
Art Height: 8.0" (20.32 cm)
Art Width: 12.0" (30.48 cm)
Frame Height: 13.0" (33.02 cm)
Frame Width: 17.0" (43.18 cm)
Medium: Gouache and poscas
Features: Framed
Signed on Back of Piece
Year: 2021


There are approximately 200 different species of moray eel found worldwide. Most live in marine habitats, but some are even found in brackish or freshwater. 

The California moray (Gymnothorax mordax) is a moray eel of the family Muraenidae, found in the eastern Pacific from just north of Santa Barbara to Santa Maria Bay in Baja California. hey are the only species of moray eel found off California, and one of the few examples of a subtropical moray. They typically occupy boulder or cobble habitats up to 40 m in depth. They can attain lengths of about 5 ft (1.52 m) and are believed to live for upwards of 22–26 years. Like other morays, they have no pelvic or pectoral fins or gill covers. This means they must open their mouths to breathe, giving them the appearance of gasping for air constantly.

Thankfully these creatures are not in danger of extinction currently, but they are subject to the rapid changes that their costal habitats undergo due to human influence. Your purchase of this piece contributes 20% to Oceana to better protect and conserve the vital coral reefs that shelter so many aquatic creatures.

Your purchase of this piece contributes 20% to Oceana's ongoing efforts to protect the environments that shelter the moray eel as well as countless other examples of marine life. Learn more at



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