jazz rat marionette , philip vose
jazz rat marionette


Artist: philip vose
Exhibition: Philip Vose Solo Exhibition
Art Width: 12.0" (30.48 cm)
Art Height: 9.0" (22.86 cm)
Frame Width: 17.2" (43.69 cm)
Frame Height: 12.2" (30.99 cm)
Medium: Mixed medium
Features: Framed
Year: 2021




Eames Expo, Ric carrasquillo
Eames Expo

Roscosmos, Emily Skopp

EXTRA: Scene 27 Frame B32, STUDIO4°C
EXTRA: Scene 27 Frame B32
happy birthday, philip vose
happy birthday

elephant makes a chair 1, philip vose
elephant makes a chair 1

grandma has kittens, philip vose
grandma has kittens

a joyful march, philip vose
a joyful march

giant under the bridge, philip vose
giant under the bridge

jupiter and the tortoise , philip vose
jupiter and the tortoise

a little pond, philip vose
a little pond

train ride , philip vose
train ride

the circus clown and little girl, philip vose
the circus clown and little girl

grandma's cup of coffee (PRINT), philip vose
grandma's cup of coffee (PRINT)

lady in the window (PRINT), philip vose
lady in the window (PRINT)

train ride (PRINT), philip vose
train ride (PRINT)

Next to the Park (PRINT), kokooma
Next to the Park (PRINT)