Hibiki Mikimoto, Daniel Lim
Hibiki Mikimoto


Artist: Daniel Lim
Exhibition: Ninja Show 2 (Revenge of the Ninja)
Frame Width: 11.0" (27.94 cm)
Frame Height: 14.0" (35.56 cm)
Medium: Colored pencil on paper
Features: Framed



Reaping The Harvest, Khang Le
Reaping The Harvest

Tokyo Trio Espionage, Louis Gonzales
Tokyo Trio Espionage

A Stroll In The Park, Robert Kondo
A Stroll In The Park

Ninjas All Over The Place, scott c
Ninjas All Over The Place

Frank and Frank (Ninja), Chris Appelhans
Frank and Frank (Ninja)

Breakfast of Champions, Dan Santat
Breakfast of Champions

Portrait of T, Brandon  Bird
Portrait of T

Evening Wear, Dorian Vallejo
Evening Wear

Ravina Page 15: Pencil Drawing (Unframed), Junko Mizuno
Ravina Page 15: Pencil Drawing (Unframed)

Motor Crush Vol. 2 Original Comic Page #8 (UNFRAMED), Babs Tarr
Motor Crush Vol. 2 Original Comic Page #8 (UNFRAMED)

Alphabet Letterpress Print "F" (Editions of 75), Jessica Hische
Alphabet Letterpress Print "F" (Editions of 75)

Juno, Braeden Whitla

Burnt Out, Jenny Yu
Burnt Out

Rick Steves: Operation Europe, Brandon  Bird
Rick Steves: Operation Europe

The Dragon (PRINT), Gian Galang
The Dragon (PRINT)

Lemon (PRINT), Junko Mizuno
Lemon (PRINT)