Moving home, Carlos Felipe Leon
Moving home


Artist: Carlos Felipe Leon
Exhibition: Art Blocks for Ghana
Art Width: 10.0" (25.4 cm)
Art Height: 10.0" (25.4 cm)
Medium: Oil on gessoed panel
Features: Signed
Year: 2010



Capture Creatures 8-BIT #2, Andrew Kolb
Capture Creatures 8-BIT #2

hover, David Mack

The Businessman, Chris Appelhans
The Businessman

Ono's Battle, Celine Kim
Ono's Battle

I am the Dragon, Camille André
I am the Dragon

Snowdrift Forest (FRAMED), Tyrus Wong
Snowdrift Forest (FRAMED)

A Dream of Wings, Francie Pavon
A Dream of Wings

Logarithm No. 1, Christina Jacobs
Logarithm No. 1

HYPNAGOGIA The Art of Jenny Yu, Jenny Yu
HYPNAGOGIA The Art of Jenny Yu

Jack Concept Art, Christina Yang
Jack Concept Art

Argonath, Beverly Arce

Godzilla vs. Kong Tennis, Graham Annable
Godzilla vs. Kong Tennis

Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer
Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer
Pre-order  SIGNED
Marshmallow & Jordan, Alina Chau
Marshmallow & Jordan
Pre-order  SIGNED

Dream House: Aloft, Sean Andrew Murray
Dream House: Aloft

Best Friends, Alina Chau
Best Friends