Big Fellow Holding Little Fellow, scott c
Big Fellow Holding Little Fellow


Scott Campbell (Scott C)  is a maker of paintings, illustrations, comics, kid’s books and video games. He studied illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, focusing on comic and children’s book illustration.  Soon after graduating, he began at Lucas Learning as concept artist on children’s video games.  Four years later, he joined Double Fine productions as Art Director on such games as the critically acclaimed Psychonauts and Brutal Legend.  Alongside this career in games, he has published numerous comics and created paintings that have appeared in galleries and publications around the world. Some of his most notable projects include the GREAT SHOWDOWNS series, “Igloo Head and Tree Head” series, Double Fine Action ComicsHickee Comics, the Zombie In Love children’s book, and Psychonauts and Brutal Legend with Double Fine Productions. Scott lives in New York City.

Artist: scott c
Exhibition: Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition
Width: 13.0" (33.02 cm)
Height: 17.5" (44.45 cm)
Paper Type: Giclee
Paper Type: Watercolor Paper


According to the books, penned by British author J.K. Rowling, Potter was born on July 31st 1980, which just so happens to be Rowling’s birthday as well (except for the year, she was born in 1965).  This would mean that Harry is celebrating his 32nd birthday in 2012.  A fun timeline of important events in the Potter saga can be viewed here



Cliff Ogres, scott c
Cliff Ogres

Ninjas All Over The Place, scott c
Ninjas All Over The Place

Igloo Head & Tree Head 2, scott c
Igloo Head & Tree Head 2

Rocket House, scott c
Rocket House

Owl Sketch, Mary  Grandpré
Owl Sketch

That One Guy , scott c
That One Guy

Introduction to the Owlry, Brittney Lee
Introduction to the Owlry

The Banjo, scott c
The Banjo

Pyramid House, scott c
Pyramid House

Dogs Being Dogs, scott c
Dogs Being Dogs

If Dogs Run Free Cover, scott c
If Dogs Run Free Cover

Hug Machine Action Pack, scott c
Hug Machine Action Pack

Zombie in Love 2+1 - Pg 4, scott c
Zombie in Love 2+1 - Pg 4

Zombie in Love 2+1 - Pg 5-6, scott c
Zombie in Love 2+1 - Pg 5-6

XO, OX: A Love Story Pages 14-15, scott c
XO, OX: A Love Story Pages 14-15

XO, OX: A Love Story Pages 8-9  (Print), scott c
XO, OX: A Love Story Pages 8-9 (Print)

Fire with Henchmen, scott c
Fire with Henchmen

Space Suits (print), scott c
Space Suits (print)