The Art of Heikala: Works & Thoughts, Heikala
The Art of Heikala: Works & Thoughts


Artist: Heikala
Exhibition: Spellbinders: Meyoco / Heikala / Sibylline Exhibition
Width: 7.8" (19.81 cm)
Height: 11.0" (27.94 cm)
ISBN: 9781909414815
Pages: 152
Features: Hardcover


The Art of Heikala: Works and Thoughts is the first major publication by popular Finnish illustrator Heikala. Heikala’s artwork combines traditional watercolor painting and inks with a fresh, enchanting approach - fans love her charming characters and scenes that are largely influenced by Finnish and Japanese cultures. This combined with her in-depth sharing of her processes and knowledge, has given Heikala a social media following of over 400,000 on Instagram alone; she also has growing audiences on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. 

This visually appealing and coffee-table worthy, hardback art book not only includes Heikala’s sketches, works in progress and beautifully presented paintings that her fans will be familiar with, it also includes never-before-seen images from along Heikala’s creative journey; all new in-depth tutorials, thought processes and advice on watercolor painting; detailed how-to product design guides; and how she has built a successful career as an artist. A valuable book for fans, budding artists and experienced illustrators alike.



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