Cost, Patrick Haemmerlein

Artist: Patrick Haemmerlein
Exhibition: Power in Numbers
Frame Width: 6.0" (15.24 cm)
Frame Height: 4.0" (10.16 cm)
Medium: Photo collage



Morning Memories and Ike Lover, Cornil
Morning Memories and Ike Lover

The Crystal of Truth, Mark Facey
The Crystal of Truth

Isometric Miku, cigar-blues
Isometric Miku

Krusty , Tina Lugo

Wolves in Winter, Sara Kipin
Wolves in Winter

Yakuza Dragon , David Mack
Yakuza Dragon

Yakuza 6 FRAMED Printers Proof, David Mack
Yakuza 6 FRAMED Printers Proof

After the Fall Page 8-9 (Preliminary Sketch Original Drawing), Dan Santat
After the Fall Page 8-9 (Preliminary Sketch Original Drawing)

Pokko and the Drum, Matt Forsythe
Pokko and the Drum

Alphabet Letterpress Print "F" (Editions of 75), Jessica Hische
Alphabet Letterpress Print "F" (Editions of 75)

Akatsuki, Yusuke  Kozaki

Strange Music Collection, Shintaro Kago
Strange Music Collection

Next to the Park (PRINT), kokooma
Next to the Park (PRINT)

Leon Belmont Portrait (PRINT), Katie Silva
Leon Belmont Portrait (PRINT)

El Octavo Pasajero, Monarobot
El Octavo Pasajero

El Meca (PRINT), Monarobot
El Meca (PRINT)