Burnt Out, Jenny Yu
Burnt Out


Artist: Jenny Yu
Exhibition: Phantasy Arcade
Art Width: 4.5" (11.43 cm)
Art Height: 12.0" (30.48 cm)
Art Depth: 5.0" (12.7 cm)
Medium: Mixed
Features: Limited Edition(15)
Year: 2020


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*Each mini cabinet is hand assembled and the external sticker graphics are printed using archival vinyl adhesive and inks. Cabinets include an internal battery powered light to illuminate the screen / marquee areas and a mini blue tooth speaker can also be added on (additional cost).  Because these are hand assembled, no two cabinets are exactly alike and may have slight imperfections. 
** Please allow 2-3 weeks for construction of cabinets as these are made to order. Thank you

Each cabinet also comes with a downloadable track.

Featuring music by Scott Tang.

Scott is a Los Angeles-based composer who has created music for films, podcasts, chamber/choral concert music, pop music, music for tape loops and little synthesizers, and now music for phantasy arcade games. 


"An isometric clicker/survival type life simulation game. You’re in crunch mode for work in your tiny apartment, but the responsibilities keep piling on. Try keeping your life under control and survive!

-Make sure you’re working constantly to keep up with bills that keep popping up (internet, electricity, clogged drain, and the big rent bill).

-Remember to clean! Clothes, trash, and dishes keep piling up in your apartment, to the point of being out of control. Click them away to make sure clutter doesn’t reach max capacity.

-You also said yes to taking care of your friend’s cat while they’re gone for vacation in the midst of crunching freelance work (because you just can’t say no!). Make sure you’re feeding them and giving them water and most importantly cleaning their poopoo and peepee!! Their meows get more and more loud if you forget.

-Also your nagging parents keep calling you! Morale goes down when the phone keeps ringing.

-Chaos factor - your character randomly starts scrolling their phone or watching random youtube videos out of the player’s control, button mash to get them to stop."



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