train ride , philip vose
train ride


Artist: philip vose
Exhibition: Philip Vose Solo Exhibition
Art Width: 14.0" (35.56 cm)
Art Height: 11.0" (27.94 cm)
Frame Width: 18.5" (46.99 cm)
Frame Height: 15.7" (39.88 cm)
Medium: Mixed medium
Features: Framed
Year: 2021




Sir Terrier, Chie Boyd
Sir Terrier

I Feel it in my Bones, Jessica Burke
I Feel it in my Bones

Dessert Island - Pg. 5, ben zhu
Dessert Island - Pg. 5

happy birthday, philip vose
happy birthday

elephant makes a chair 1, philip vose
elephant makes a chair 1

grandma has kittens, philip vose
grandma has kittens

a joyful march, philip vose
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giant under the bridge, philip vose
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jupiter and the tortoise , philip vose
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a little pond, philip vose
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jazz rat marionette , philip vose
jazz rat marionette

the circus clown and little girl, philip vose
the circus clown and little girl

circus tricks (PRINT), philip vose
circus tricks (PRINT)

a joyful march (PRINT), philip vose
a joyful march (PRINT)

lady in the window (PRINT), philip vose
lady in the window (PRINT)

Roasted (PRINT), Kellye Perdue
Roasted (PRINT)