After These Messages ...

After These Messages ...

February 10, 2007 - March 6, 2007

Feb 10, 11:00AM - 3:00PM

Free Admission
Refreshments and breakfast cereals will be served
Several artists will be in attendance

Gallery Nucleus has joined forces with some of current animators and set out to reconnect with the cartoon culture from the yesteryears creating an exhibition based on Saturday mornings of the past. Exhibiting in the gallery will be over 20 artists from today’s commercial and animation industries. Being a generation largely influenced by television these artists attempt to revisit, reinvent, and pay homage to their favorite animated icons as adults with child like fervor and contemporary and personal aesthetic. By exploring the inspirations of their past they reflect upon their artistic identities of today creating interesting parody like results that are humorous, sentimental and sincere. Ranging in style the show is a colorful pop culture treat with a live DJ and breakfast cereals served. Works on display will be paintings, prints, sculptures, and installation.

co-curated by Mary J. Hoffman

Knowing is Half the Battle, Greg Storey
Knowing is Half the Battle
Mekka-Lekka-Hi-Mekka-Hiney-Ho!, Megan Brain
Rankin Bass “The Queen of the Water Spirits, Megan Brain
Rankin Bass “The Queen of the Water Spirits
Chilly Willy in Three Course Meal, Will
Chilly Willy in Three Course Meal
Here Comes Rainbow Brite!, Stef Choi
Here Comes Rainbow Brite!
Jules Verne Traveling Elephant, Liz Mckay
Jules Verne Traveling Elephant
Kermit, Caro
Miss Piggy, Caro
Miss Piggy
Jem w Rio - Truly Outrageous (Set), J. Liana
Jem w Rio - Truly Outrageous (Set)

Some artwork may be paid for in installments. Please for details.