A Handful of Dust: 25 Years of The Sandman

A Handful of Dust: 25 Years of The Sandman

November 23, 2013 - December 8, 2013

Nov 23, 6:00PM - 9:00PM

Nucleus is proud to present a tribute exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of DC Comics’ and Neil Gaiman’s critically acclaimed comic book series, The Sandman. Chronicling the tale of Dream, the lord and embodiment of all dreams and stories, the series reinvigorated comic book storytelling with its surreal backdrop and introspective plot.  From its inception in 1988, The Sandman became a cult success attracting an audience that eventually eclipsed DC Comics' flagship titles upon the series conclusion in 1996.

Showcasing a storied collection of artists who have contributed to the groundbreaking narrative (including Mike Dringenberg, Dave McKean, J.H. Williams III, Marc Hempel, Michael Zulli, Yoshitaka Amano and more), A Handful of Dust spotlights the characters, imagery and magic from Gaiman's "Endless" tale.

Free Admission | Open to Public | No RSVP

Exhibiting Artists:

Jason Shawn Alexander
Yoshitaka Amano
Gary Amaro
Mike Choi
Becky Cloonan
Colleen Doran
Mike Dringenberg
Felipe Echevarria
Tony Guaraldi-Brown
Scott Hampton
Marc Hempel
Sam Kieth
Teddy Kristiansen
David Mack
Francis Manapul
Michael Manomivibul
Dave McKean
Ted McKeever
Jon J. Muth
Greg Ruth
Barron Storey
Jill Thompson
Jenna Trost
John Watkiss
Jonathan Wayshak
Grim Wilkins
J.H. Williams III
Michael Zulli

Yoshitaka Amano

top image: Dave McKean 

In cooperation with Eidolon Fine Arts 

Dream Regains his Helm, Sam Keith
Dream Regains his Helm
Despair Clings to Old Ways, Ryan Graff
Despair Clings to Old Ways
Somebody Has to do Something, Ryan Graff
Somebody Has to do Something
With this Pain, I Thee Feel, Ryan Graff
With this Pain, I Thee Feel
The Flood in Despair's Basement, Ryan Graff
The Flood in Despair's Basement
Death Dance - Variation in Color, Marc Hempel
Death Dance - Variation in Color
Under a Red Moon (Worlds' End), Gary Amaro
Under a Red Moon (Worlds' End)
Hope, Emonic
I Love You. I'll Destroy You., Emonic
I Love You. I'll Destroy You.
Beginning of an End, Mike Choi
Beginning of an End

Some artwork may be paid for in installments. Please for details.