MALL Solo Exhibition

MALL Solo Exhibition

August 24, 2019 - September 8, 2019

Aug 24, 5:00PM - 8:00PM

A solo exhibition of new works by MALL using wood, resin, paper, and magic - these multilayered colorful dreamscapes and character portraits are snapshots into another world.

Opening Reception: Saturday August 24th, 6pm - 9pm.

  • Meet the artist in person - MALL is flying in from the Philippines 
  • See a preview screening of MALL's new documentary from the filmakers of Under the Canvas
  • Exclusive pin and print releases
  • Free refreshments served

About the artist:

Working under a nickname that represents her fulll name, MALL (May Ann Lumbang Licudine) is a multimedia artist, uniting paint, inks, resin, paper, washi tape, and a full bag of magic to create beautiful and dreamy illustrations and sculptures. Drawing from folklore of the Phillippines, her work invites you to peer through the mists into new, unexplored worlds.

Under the Canvas

Exclusive Pin Release

Universe, Mall

Run Away, Mall
Run Away

Blue Mist, Mall
Blue Mist

Moon Takarabune, Mall
Moon Takarabune

Lucid Dreams, Mall
Lucid Dreams

My Happiness, Mall
My Happiness

Lunar Eclipse, Mall
Lunar Eclipse

Babu's First Love, Mall
Babu's First Love

Kazaguruma, Mall

Koinobori, Mall

Meet in a Dream, Mall
Meet in a Dream

Spirited, Mall

Look, Mall

Cosmic Mushrooms, Mall
Cosmic Mushrooms

Moon Ritual, Mall
Moon Ritual

Dark Moon, Mall
Dark Moon

Moon Garden, Mall
Moon Garden

Crystals, Mall

Moon I, Mall
Moon I

Moon II, Mall
Moon II

Moonlight, Mall

Dawn Moon I, Mall
Dawn Moon I

Dawn Moon II, Mall
Dawn Moon II

Dawn Moon III, Mall
Dawn Moon III

Dawn Moon IV, Mall
Dawn Moon IV


Some artwork may be paid for in installments. Please for details.

Event Exclusives

Spirited (print), Mall
Spirited (print)

Koinobori (print), Mall
Koinobori (print)

Lucid Dreams (print), Mall
Lucid Dreams (print)

Cosmic Cat (Abu) by Mall -  Nucleus Enamel Pin, Mall
Cosmic Cat (Abu) by Mall - Nucleus Enamel Pin

Universe (print), Mall
Universe (print)

Moon Ritual (print), Mall
Moon Ritual (print)