Planet II, Nanaco
Planet II


Artist: Nanaco
Exhibition: Nanaco Solo Exhibition
Art Width: 18.0" (45.72 cm)
Art Height: 21.0" (53.34 cm)
Art Depth: 0.7" (1.78 cm)
Frame Width: 19.0" (48.26 cm)
Frame Height: 22.0" (55.88 cm)
Medium: Acrylic gouache and gel medium on canvas
Features: Framed
Signed on Certificate
Year: 2020


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博愛 (Humanity), Nanaco
博愛 (Humanity)
炎の踊り子 (Dancer in the Flames), Nanaco
炎の踊り子 (Dancer in the Flames)
海のステラ (Stella of the Sea), Nanaco
海のステラ (Stella of the Sea)
Garden in the Oasis (PRINT), Nanaco
Garden in the Oasis (PRINT)
Stella of the Sea (PRINT), Nanaco
Stella of the Sea (PRINT)
チョコレートな感じ (Having Chocolate-ish Moods), Nanaco
チョコレートな感じ (Having Chocolate-ish Moods)
わたしと遊んで!(Play with Me!), Nanaco
わたしと遊んで!(Play with Me!)
Sweet Daydream (PRINT), Nanaco
Sweet Daydream (PRINT)
秘密だよ?(Keep a Secret!), Nanaco
秘密だよ?(Keep a Secret!)
Nanaco Yashiro x Nucleus Sticker Sheet, Nanaco
Nanaco Yashiro x Nucleus Sticker Sheet