Nanaco Solo Exhibition

Nanaco Solo Exhibition

July 15, 2022 - July 31, 2022

Jul 15, 5:00PM - 8:00PM

Join Gallery Nucleus in welcoming the lush and beautiful art of Nanaco, in her US solo debut. Featuring all new traditional work as well as exclusive releases, as well as signed copies of her newest book Wonderland, this is one show you cannot miss! Nanaco will be joining the opening reception via livestream to paint an all new illustration, as well as to sign special edition T-shirts. 

OPENING RECEPTION DETAILS (July 15th, 2022, 5pm - 8pm PDT)

  • Opening reception will be limited to only 100 people in the gallery at a time.
  • New artwork will be available for display and sale
  • Nanaco will be livestreaming to the gallery from Japan during the opening reception to do a painting demo and T-shirt signing.
  • Limited number of signed copies of Nanaco's book will be for sale
  • Free to the public, no RSVP needed
  • Go HERE to review our COVID protocols for gallery guests.


  • At 5 PM PST, Nanaco will begin livestreaming a painting demo via the PIE International youtube channel. LINK HERE: 
  • During the event and over the following weekend Gallery Nucleus will be taking pre-orders for the finished illustration as a limited edition print, exclusive to Nucleus.
  • After the painting demo, Nanaco will sign and personalize special edition T-shirts. Supplies are very limited.

Nanaco Yashiro is an illustrator living in Tokyo. Born in 1998, she has already captured the attention of audiences worldwide for her vibrant use of color, graceful expressions of the human form, and the vintage feeling to her work. Her illustrations have a charm and beauty that also contain a deeper, darker world to explore. She works mainly in digital art and acrylic gouache media. 

向日葵 (Sunflower), Nanaco
向日葵 (Sunflower)
夜明けの星 (The Morning Star), Nanaco
夜明けの星 (The Morning Star)
花嫁 (Bride), Nanaco
花嫁 (Bride)
羽化 (Emergence), Nanaco
羽化 (Emergence)
 本能 (Instinct), Nanaco
本能 (Instinct)
博愛 (Humanity), Nanaco
博愛 (Humanity)
海のステラ (Stella of the Sea), Nanaco
海のステラ (Stella of the Sea)
甘い白昼夢 (Sweet Daydream), Nanaco
甘い白昼夢 (Sweet Daydream)
Sparkle, Nanaco
Passion, Nanaco
秘密だよ?(Keep a Secret!), Nanaco
秘密だよ?(Keep a Secret!)
チョコレートな感じ (Having Chocolate-ish Moods), Nanaco
チョコレートな感じ (Having Chocolate-ish Moods)
わたしと遊んで!(Play with Me!), Nanaco
わたしと遊んで!(Play with Me!)
水辺の踊り子 (Dancer by the Water), Nanaco
水辺の踊り子 (Dancer by the Water)
炎の踊り子 (Dancer in the Flames), Nanaco
炎の踊り子 (Dancer in the Flames)

Some artwork may be paid for in installments. Please for details.

Event Exclusives

Sweet Daydream (PRINT), Nanaco
Sweet Daydream (PRINT)
Stella of the Sea (PRINT), Nanaco
Stella of the Sea (PRINT)
Garden in the Oasis (PRINT), Nanaco
Garden in the Oasis (PRINT)
Secret by Nanaco Yashiro - Nucleus Enamel Pin, Nanaco
Secret by Nanaco Yashiro - Nucleus Enamel Pin
Nanaco Yashiro x Nucleus Sticker Sheet, Nanaco
Nanaco Yashiro x Nucleus Sticker Sheet
Wonderland: The Art of Nanaco Yashiro, Nanaco
Wonderland: The Art of Nanaco Yashiro